Astronomy Publications [15]

Characterizing K2 planet discoveries: A super-Earth transiting the bright K-dwarf HIP 116454
A. Vanderburg, B. Montet, J. Johnson, L. Buchhave, L. Zeng, F. Pepe, A. Cameron, D. Latham, E. Molinari, S. Udry, C. Lovis, J. Matthews, C. Cameron, N. Law, B. Bowler, R. Angus, C. Baranec, A. Bieryla, W. Boschin, D. Charbonneau, R. Cosentino, X. Dumusque, P. Figueira, D. Guenther, A. Harutyunyan, C. Hellier, R. Kuschnig, M. Lopez-Morales, M. Mayor, G. Micela, A. Moffat, M. Pedani, D. Phillips, G. Piotto, D. Pollacco, D. Queloz, K. Rice, R. Riddle, J. Rowe, S. Rucinski, D. Sasselov, D, Ségransan, A. Sozzetti, A. Szentgyorgyi, C. Watson & W. Weiss
The Astrophysical Journal, in press, 2015.

Know the star, know the planet. IV. Discovery of late-type companions to two exoplanet host stars
L. Roberts, A. Tokovinin, B. Mason, R. Riddle, W. Hartkopf, N. Law & C. Baranec
in submission, 2014.

Characterizing the Cool KOIs. VII. Refined physical properties of the eclipsing brown dwarf LHS6343C
B. Montet, J. Johnson, P. Muirhead, A. Villar, C. Vassallo, C. Baranec, N. Law, R. Riddle, G. Marcy, A. Howard & H. Isaacson
The Astrophysical Journal, in press, 2015.

Know the star, know the planet. III. A stellar companion to the host star of the eccentric exoplanet HD8673b
L. C. Roberts, B. Mason, C. Neyman, Y. Wu, R. Riddle, C. Shelton, J. Angione, C. Baranec, A. Bouchez, K. Bui, R. Burruss, M. Burse, P. Chordia, E. Croner, H. Das, R. Dekany, S. Guiwits, D. Hale, J. Henning, S. Kulkarni, N. Law, D. McKenna, J. Milburn, D. Palmer, S. Punnadi, A. Ramaprakash, J. Roberts, S. Tendulkar, T. Trinh, M. Troy, T. Truong & J. Zolkower
in submission, 2014.

Multiplicity of the Galactic Senior Citizens: A high-resolution search for cool subdwarf companions
C. Ziegler, N. M. Law, C. Baranec, R. Riddle & J. Fuchs
in submission, 2014.

An ancient extrasolar system with five sub-Earth-size planets
T. Campante, T. Barclay, J. Swift, D. Huber, V. Adibekyan, W. Cochran, C. J. Burke, H. Isaacson, E. Quintana, G. Davies, V. Aguirre, D. Ragozzine, R. Riddle, C. Baranec, S. Basu, W. Chaplin, J. Christensen-Dalsgaard, T. Metcalfe, T. Bedding, R. Handberg, D. Stello, J. Brewer, S. Hekker, C. Karoff, R. Kolbl, N. Law, M. Lundkvist, A. Miglio, J. Rowe, N. Santos, C. Van Laerhoven, T. Arentoft, Y. Elsworth, D. Fischer, S. Kawaler, H. Kjeldsen, M. Lund, G. Marcy, S. Sousa, A. Sozzetti & T. R. White
The Astrophysical Journal, in press, 2015.

The Near-Ultraviolet Luminosity Function of Young, Early M-Dwarf Stars
M. Ansdell, E. Gaidos, A. Mann, S. Lépine, D. James, A. Buccino, C. Baranec, N. Law, R. Riddle, P. Mauas & R. Petrucci
The Astrophysical Journal, 798, 41, 2015.

Characterization of the atmosphere of the hot Jupiter HAT-P-32Ab and the M-dwarf companion HAT-P-32B
M. Zhao, J. O'Rourke, J. Wright, H. Knutson, A. Burrows, J. Fortney, H. Ngo, B. J. Fulton, C. Baranec, R. Riddle, N. Law, P. Muirhead, S. Hinkley, A. Showman, J. Curtis & R. Burruss
The Astrophysical Journal, 796, 115, 2014.

A survey of the high order multiplicity of nearby Solar-type binary stars with Robo-AO
R. Riddle, A. Tokovinin, B. Mason, W. Hartkopf, L. Roberts, C. Baranec, N. Law, K. Bui, M. Burse, H. Das, R. Dekany, S. Kulkarni, S. Punnadi, A. N. Ramaprakash & S. Tendulkar
The Astrophysical Journal, 799, 4, 2015.

Characterizing the Cool KOIs VI. H- and K-band Spectra of Kepler M Dwarf Planet-Candidate Hosts
P. Muirhead, J. Becker, G. Feiden, B. Rojas-Ayala, A. Vanderburg, E. Price, R. Thorp, N. Law, R. Riddle, C. Baranec, K. Hamren, E. Schlawin, K. Covey, J. Johnson & J. Lloyd
The Astrophysical Journal Supplement, 213, 5, 2014.

Robotic laser-adaptive-optics imaging of 715 Kepler exoplanet candidates using Robo-AO
N. Law, T. Morton, C. Baranec, R. Riddle, G. Ravichandran, C. Ziegler, J. Johnson, S. Tendulkar, K. Bui, M. Burse, H. Das, R. Dekany, S. Kulkarni, S. Punnadi & A. N. Ramaprakash
The Astrophysical Journal, 791, 35, 2014.

Characterizing the Cool KOIs. V. KOI-256: A Mutually Eclipsing Post-common Envelope Binary
P. Muirhead, A. Vanderburg, A. Shporer, J. Becker, J. Swift, J. Lloyd, J. Fuller, M. Zhao, S. Hinkley, J. S. Pineda, M. Bottom, A. Howard, K. von Braun, T. Boyajian, N. Law, C. Baranec, R. Riddle, A. N. Ramaprakash, S. Tendulkar, K. Bui, M. Burse, P. Chordia, H. Das, R. Dekany, S, Punnadi & J. A. Johnson
The Astrophysical Journal, 767, 111, 2013.

Characterizing the Cool KOIs. IV. Kepler-32 as a Prototype for the Formation of Compact Planetary Systems Throughout the Galaxy
J. Swift, J. Johnson, T. Morton, J. Crepp, B. Montet, D. Fabrycky & P. Muirhead
The Astrophysical Journal, 764, 105, 2013.

Millions of Multiples: Detecting and Characterizing Close-Separation Binary Systems in Synoptic Sky Surveys
E. Terziev, N. Law, I. Arcavi, C. Baranec, J. Bloom, K. Bui, M. Burse, P. Chorida, H. Das, R. Dekany, A. Kraus, S. Kulkarni, P. Nugent, E. Ofek, S. Punnadi, A. N. Ramaprakash, R. Riddle & S. Tendulkar
The Astrophysical Journal Supplement, 206, 18, 2013.

Three New Eclipsing White-dwarf - M-dwarf Binaries Discovered in a Search for Transiting Planets Around M-dwarfs
N. M. Law, A. L. Kraus, R. Street, B. J. Fulton, L. A. Hillenbrand, A. Shporer, T. Lister, C. Baranec, J. S. Bloom, K. Bui, M. P. Burse, S. Bradley Cenko, H. K. Das, J. T. C. Davis, R. G. Dekany, A. V. Filippenko, M. M. Kasliwal, S. R. Kulkarni, P. Nugent, E. O. Ofek, D. Poznanski, R. M. Quimby, A. N. Ramaprakash, R. Riddle, J. M. Silverman, S. Sivanandam & S. Tendulkar
The Astrophysical Journal, 757, 133, 2012.

Conference Proceedings and White Papers [5]

Robo-AO: Initial results from the first autonomous laser guide star adaptive optics instrument
R. Riddle, C. Baranec, N. M. Law, A. N. Ramaprakash, S. Tendulkar, K. Hogstrom, K. Bui, M. Burse, P. Chordia, H. Das, R. Dekany, S. Kulkarni, S. Punnadi & R. Smith
Revista Mexicana de Astronomía y Astrofísica (Serie de Conferencias) 45, 3, 2014.

Mapping the Dark Matter Distribution in the Local Universe with The Asteroid Terrestrial-impact Last Alert System (ATLAS) and the University of Hawai‘i 2.2-m Robo-AO system
C. Baranec, J. Tonry, J. Lu & S. Wright
National Research Council O/IR Study
White Papers, 2014.

Twelve-thousand laser-AO observations: first results from the Robo-AO large surveys
N. M. Law, C. Baranec & R. Riddle
Proc. SPIE Adaptive Optics Systems IV, eds. E. Marchetti, J.-P. Veran & L. Close, 9148, 2014.

Planets Around M-dwarfs - Astrometric Detection and Orbit Characterization
N. Law, S. Kulkarni, R. Dekany & C. Baranec
Astro2010: The Astronomy and Astrophysics Decadal Survey, 2009.

Mass makeup of galaxies
E. Ofek, N. Law & S. Kulkarni
Astro2010: The Astronomy and Astrophysics Decadal Survey, 2009.