Join HI STAR this summer (June 2-10, 2014). HI STAR is a one week astronomy program at the University of Hawai‘i Manoa campus in Honolulu. This program is designed for incoming grade 8 –11 students who would like to work on science research projects and their teachers. Fill out the online HI STAR application form.
  • Program: day and night activities:
    - Learn about asteroids, comets, variable stars,
       extrasolar planets, and galaxies.
    - Do telescope observing and get CCD camera
       images of objects in space.
    - Understand physics and chemistry principles
       integral to astronomy.
    - Learn image-processing skills using astrometry
        and photometry software.
    - Be mentored by an astronomer to complete a research project after the program.

  • Student Application Requirements
    Each student must have a teacher who agrees to act as a project advisor and who will write a letter of recommendation for you. (Your teacher can advise multiple students.)

    Student applicants need to have one of the following:
    A UHIfA-sponsored astronomy workshop; and/or demonstrated knowledge of the night sky and basic astronomy; and/or your Hawaii teacher-advisor will also attend this workshop.

    Cost: A $150 registration fee.
    (can be waived for those with financial hardship)
    - Housing at UH Manoa campus dormitory and meals are fully funded for all students and teachers.
    - Teachers airfare to Honolulu is also funded.
    - All students will need to pay for their own airfare to Honolulu.

    For more information, about these workshops please contact: Mary Kadooka (808) 956-7954

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