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Advanced CORK-II Observatory
    This is a cartoon of the a new generation CORK observatory: the features that are relevant to basement biosphere sampling include the capability to sample from multiple discreet horizons (note isolation packers) within the basement (e.g., implications for looking at variations in microbiology and microbial geochemsitry as a function of differential flow rates—for example is one sampling horizon is fed by major fracture (channel) relative to other horizons). Also note that the fluid delivery lines extend all the way down to each discreet horizon on the outside of the borehole casing. One of these fluid delivery lines is composed entirely of PVDF (Teflon-like plastic, highly inert and chemically and heat resistant) and Titanium. There is also a Teflon sheet (Teflon shrink wrap) surrounding the outside of the portion of the CORK metal liner to isolate the bioline intake from the metal liner.