Scientists at Sea / Fast Facts  
Seafloor Instrument System for Sampling/Analysis of Basement Fluids
    The focus of our present research expedition is to test our new sampling instrument sled at one of the new generation CORK (II) observatories. Our new instrument consists of an voltammetric electrochemical analyzer coupled to a 24-filter in situ filtration system, along with a computer controller, data logging capability, and laser and inductively coupled communication. It will provide real-time (or logged), in situ data on key chemical redox species and filter scientist-determined volumes of basement fluids through a variety of filters for diverse molecular biology, culture, biomass, and geochemical studies. This cartoon depicts our system resting on a CORK platform. Our instrument electrodes and fluid sampling hose (red line) will “plug” into a manifold which is in turn “plugged” (heavy black line) into the new CORK’s special “biosampling line” (see CORK-II observatory).