Scientists at Sea / Project Team  

Project Personnel

  Project Director
     – James Cowen (UH)
  • Project Co-I
     – Brian Glazer (UH)
  • Co-Investigators
     – Michael Rappe (UH)
     – Fabien Kenig (U.I, at Chicago)
     – Stephen Giovannoni (OSU)
     – Craig Taylor (WHOI)
  • Engineering Support
     – Dave Copson (UH)
     – Dave Harris (UH)
     – Don Nuzzio
     – Jim Jolley (UH)
     – Mike Cole (UH)
     – Jim Babinec (UH)
     – Paul Buxton(UH, student)
     – Bill Doi (UH)
  • Science Technical Support
     – Jamie Becker (UH)
     – Students Assistants
     – Kristen Mailheau (UH)
     – Paul Buxton (UH-engineering
  • Educational Outreach
     – Minghui Chen (UH-NAI)
     – Mary Kadooka (UH-NAI)
  • Other indispensable

     – Andy Fisher (UCSC)
     – Keir Becker (RSMAS)
     – Earl Davis (GS Canada)
     – Michael Mottl (UH)
     – Geoff Wheat (UA, MBARI)
     – Hans Jannasch (MBARI)


1. Who are you, where are you from, what is your role in the project?
My role in the cruise is to examine the microbial communities that exist in the ocean's crust.

2. What questions/problems are you addressing/trying to answer, & why?
I want to gain an understanding of what types of microbes exist in water that resides within ocean basin crust, and attempt to determine how I could grow some of the organisms that I find inside a laboratory. Growing some of these microbes in the lab would allow me to closely examine how they survive and what effects they may be having on the environment.

3. What brought you to your current career position (how'd you come to be in marine sciences-related field?)?
Growing up away from the ocean, I was always fascinated by it and as a scientists I am drawn to the fact that we really know very little about our oceans even though they comprise such a large portion of our planet.

Science Technical Support

Jamie Becker