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Origins of Water Workshop - Feb 27-Mar 1, 2008







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The origin of water and organics on Earth and the terrestrial planets is one of the most fundamental unanswered questions about the early solar system. The location of the regions within the nascent solar system, which may have fed water-rich material to the Earth during accretion, is under intense debate. These issues are at the forefront of the interdisciplinary field of astrobiology, and we would like to bring together a group of key researchers in all of the primary areas of research related to understanding the origin of water on Earth. This will include scientists familiar with protostellar nebula chemistry, comets and small solar system bodies, solar system dynamics, deep Earth water, volatiles on early Earth, meteorites and the record of aqueous alteration in the early solar system, and early atmospheres and delivery of volatiles to Earth. The goal of the workshop will be to thoroughly discuss the issues related to the origin of water on Earth, and identify key issues where interdisciplinary approaches might yield the most progress. This workshop will help define NASA's long term strateic research goals in determining the origin of water on habitable planets.


The workshop will be held on the island of Molokai - a small oasis in the Pacific, 38x10 miles framed by the tallest sea cliffs in the world. We will be housed at the Lodge at Molokai Ranch, a secluded facility located on 65,000 acres of wilderness. The lodge is built in a traditional style, and furnished simply.

Participants & Cost

Participation will be by invitation only, and will include a cross section of researchers working in key areas related to the origin of water on Earth. We have received funding to cover the workshop expenses, which at present is sufficient for the roundtrip economy airfare of the participants, room and meals at the lodge. We are hoping to get additional funding so that we may cover in-transit expenses (e.g. taxi, parking, and possible additional hotel if flights cannot get you directly to Molokai). It is expected that all participants will stay for the full duration of the meeting.

Organizing Committee

Karen Meech (Univ. HI), Nader Haghighipour (Univ. HI), Steve Mojzsis (Univ. CO), Michael Mottl (Univ. HI), Michael Mumma (NASA Goddard), Ed Young (UCLA).

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