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Origins of Water Workshop Logistics

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UH Lead Team

Travel Arrangements

  • We will pay for your economy round trip air ticket from your home to Molokai. We require that you use our travel agent to book your tickets. Please contact Lori Serikawa (loris@citytravelhawaii.com) Tel: 808-593-8808.
  • Plan to arrive morning/early afternoon of Feb 27 (major carriers that comet through SFO, LAX, DEN, ORD have flights arriving between 1pm-3pm, with some flights arriving as late as 8pm. The registration, checkin and welcome activities will occur between 4-6pm, with our first group dinner at 7pm. Flights to Molokai are limited and we will try to get everyone on the same flights.
  • The workshop will end at 11:30 on March 1, with check out at noon. We will have a final group lunch, and then have a group transfer to the Molokai airport for a mid afternoon departure to HNL.
  • Below shows the direct flight schedule to/from Molokai from Honolulu, with the preferred group flights arriving on Molokai at 14:30 or 16:05, and departing at 14:50 to Honolulu. Although two of the carriers are listed as Hawaiian (HA) and Aloha (AQ), these are both operated by Island Air. A third airline, Go! also flies to Molokai.

    Flight LV HNL AR Mol Flight LV Mol AR HNL
    Go! 2531 10:17 10:49 Go! 2528 14:19 14:50
    Go! 2533 12:45 13:17 Go! 2530 16:07 16:32
    AQ 5138 12:30 12:55 AQ 5021 11:25 11:50
    AQ 5028 14:05 14:30 AQ 5139 13:15 13:40
    AQ 5222 15:40 16:05 AQ 5027 14:50 15:15
    AQ 5152 18:30 18:55 AQ 5421 18:20 18:45
    HA 3738 12:30 12:55 HA 3521 11:25 11:50
    HA 3828 14:05 14:30 HA 3739 13:15 13:40
    HA 3822 15:40 16:05 HA 3827 14:50 15:15
    HA 3752 18:30 18:55 HA 3421 18:20 18:45

What to Send in Advance / Prepare

  • Send Karen Meech 1-2 papers that would be good background reading related to your talk
  • Send a short paragraph describing your research as it relates to the theme of the workshop
  • Please prepare your talk in advance, and submit a copy of the talk before you come. We would like to make handouts for everyone to facilitate discussion. Deadline for receipt Feb 24, 2008.
  • We will need you to fill out a WH-1 form and submit this to Laura Toyama to enable us to pay for your expenses.

What to Bring

At this time of the year the weather is very pleasant, with average high temperatures near 78F (25C) and lows near 63F (17C). February and March are generally the coolest months on Molokai. The rainy period is November through February, with Molokai getting an average of 2.6 in (6.6cm) of rainfall during February. West Molokai has breathtaking scenery and nearly deserted beaches, with the Papohaku beach being the longest white sand beach in the Hawaiian islands. The hotel has a swiming pool and is located 1200 feet above sea level overlooking rolling grasslands and the Pacific ocean. The hotel is located one block from the quaint town of Maunaloa. There is shuttle service to the white sand beach at the base of the property (8 miles). Ocean temperatures at this time of the year are around 78F (25C). The hotel has high speed internet access in the guest rooms and other selected areas, and the main building has a living room with 2-story stone fireplace, a library and TV room, restaurant, lounge and lodge den. In addition, the hotel offers a fitness center (open 24 hours) and a spa.

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