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Name Year Deg Current Title Institution Advisor Email
Al-Haddad, Nada 2010 MS Katholieke Universiteit Leuven   nada.alhaddad at
Home Page
Aller, Kimberly 2016 PhD Insight Data Fellow Michael Liu
Andrews, Sean 2007 PhD Astrophysicist Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory Jonathan Williams sandrews at
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Annis, James 1994 PhD Scientist Experimental Astrophysics Group, Fermilab J. Patrick Henry annis at
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Armstrong, James 2004 PhD Maui Technology Education & Outreach Specialist IfA Maui Jeffrey Kuhn jd at
Backman, Dana 1985 PhD Manager of Edu. and Pub. Outreach SOFIA, NASA-Ames Research Center Eric Becklin dbackman at
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Barrett, Elizabeth 2006 PhD ISS Flight Controller in Electrical & External Thermal Control Systems United Space Alliance Harald Ebeling  
Barris, Brian 2004 PhD Senior Scientist Helios Remote Sensing Systems John Tonry bbarris at
Bauer, James 2003 PhD Scientist Jet Propulsion Laboratory Karen Meech James.M.Bauer at
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Beaumont, Christopher 2013 PhD Senior Analytics Engineer Netflix Jonathan Williams, Alyssa Goodman (CfA)
Beerman, Charles 1980 MS Senior Software Engineer
Certify Data Systems / Humana   charles at
Bell, Jeffrey 1984 PhD     Thomas McCord  
Bendo, George 2002 PhD Postdoctoral Researcher Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics Robert Joseph george.bendo at
Home Page
Blais, Kristin 1997 PhD Author Private Venture Barry LaBonte  
Bottinelli, Sandrine 2006 PhD Lecturer IRAP, Université de Toulouse Jonathan Williams sbottinelli at
Bowler, Brendan 2013 PhD Assistant Professor University of Texas at Austin Michael Liu bpbowler at
Home Page
Braun, Douglas 1988 PhD   NorthWest Research Associates Barry LaBonte dbraun at
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Brown, Robert Hamilton 1982 PhD Professor University of Arizona Thomas McCord rhb at
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Canalizo, Gabriela 2000 PhD Professor University of California, Riverside Alan Stockton gabriela.canalizo at
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Capak, Peter 2004 PhD Research Scientist NASA/JPL Spitzer Science Center at Caltech Esther Hu capak at
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Cecil, Gerald 1987 PhD Professor University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Brent Tully gerald at
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Chen, Chian-Chou 2013 PhD ESO Fellow Garching, Germany Lennox Cowie
Chen, Hua 1992 PhD Vice President of R&D SKSpruce Technologies Alan Tokunaga huachen at
Chen, Jun 1997 PhD Senior Software Engineer Message Systems, Inc. David Jewitt  
Chesley, Duncan 1975 MS Founder American Image, Inc.   chesley at
Home Page
Chien, Li-Hsin 2009 PhD Instructor Northern Arizona University Joshua Barnes lisa.chien at
Cizdziel, Philip 1982 MS Senior Engineer Omnivision Technologies   pcizdziel at
Clowe, Douglas 1998 PhD Professor Ohio University Gerard Luppino clowe at
Home Page
Connelley, Michael 2007 PhD Associate Astronomer IRTF at IfA Alan Tokunaga
Bo Reipurth
msc at
Home Page
Cushing, Michael 2004 PhD Assistant Professor/ Director, Ritter Planetarium University of Toledo John Rayner michael.cushing at
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Dahle, Håkon 2000 PhD Researcher University of Oslo, Norway Nick Kaiser hdahle at
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Dahm, Scott 2005 PhD Astronomer United States Naval Observatory George Herbig
Deane, James 2000 PhD Associate Director Innovation Partnership Services, University of Oregon David Sanders jdeane at
Depoy, Darren 1987 PhD Professor Texas A&M University Eric Becklin depoy at
Home Page
Devereux, Nicholas 1987 PhD Professor Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Eric Becklin Nicholas.Devereux at
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Donovan, David 2007 PhD Engineer Square Nick Kaiser  
Downs, Cooper 2011 PhD Research Scientist Predictive Science, Inc. Illa Roussev cdowns at
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Dudley, Chris 1998 PhD   Naval Research Laboratory Gareth Wynn-Williams c.christopher.dudley.85 at
Dundon, Luke 2005 MS Navy Chaplain U.S. Navy Karen Meech lukedundon at
Dupuy, Trent 2010 PhD Research Fellow Astronomy Department, University of Texas at Austin Michael Liu tdupuy at 
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Edwards, Suzan 1980 PhD L. Clark Seelye Professor of Astronomy Smith College Ann Boesgaard sedwards at
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Egami, Eiichi 1995 PhD Astronomer University of Arizona Esther Hu eegami at
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Evans, Aaron 1996 PhD Professor University of Virginia and NRAO David Sanders ae3f at
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Fan, Yuhong 1993 PhD Scientist High Altitude Observatory, National Center for Atmospheric Research George Fisher yfan at
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Farnham, Tony 1997 PhD Research Associate University of Maryland Karen Meech farnham at
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Fu, Hai 2008 PhD Assistant Professor University of Iowa Alan Stockton hai-fu at
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Fulton, Eliza 1998 MS Physician Pennsylvania   elizafulton at
Gardner, Jonathan 1995 PhD Chief of Lab. for Obs. Cosmology and Deputy Senior Project Scientist for James Webb Space Telescope NASA Goddard Lennox Cowie jonathan.p.gardner at
Home Page
Garland, Catherine 2004 PhD Professor Castleton State College Jonathan Williams catherine.garland at
Home Page
Gazak, J. Zachary 2014 PhD Program Director Insight Data Science Rolf-Peter Kudritzki zgazak at
Goldader, Jeffrey 1995 PhD Physics Teacher Baldwin School, Bryn Mawr, PA Robert Joseph  
Good, John 1979 MS Systems Architect for IR Science Archive IPAC, Caltech   jcg at
Granett, Benjamin 2010 PhD Postdoctoral Fellow INAF Osservatorio Astronomico di Brera, Italy István Szapudi granett at
Hagen Bauer, Wendy 1977 PhD Professor Wellesley College Ann Boesgaard wbauer at
Home Page
Hamilton, John 1979 MS Physics & Astronomy Instructor University of Hawai‘i, Hilo   jch at
Home Page
Hammel, Heidi 1988 PhD Vice President AURA Dale Cruikshank hbh at
Han, Byron 1995 MS Senior Manager Apple Computer, Inc.   han at
Home Page
Harrington, David 2008 PhD Staff Scientist National Solar Observatory Jeffrey R. Kuhn harrington at
Heacox, William 1977 PhD Professor Emeritus University of Hawai‘i, Hilo Ann Boesgaard heacox at
Home Page
Hermans, Linda 1985 MS Senior Engineer/Astronomy Outreach Developer IPAC, Caltech   lindahermans at
Home Page
Heyer, Inge 1987 MS Visiting Assistant Professor, Deputy Press Officer Loyola University,
  inge_heyer at
Home Page
Hill, Gary 1988 PhD Research Professor & Chief Astronomer McDonald Observatory, Univ. of Texas Eric Becklin hill at
Home Page
Ho, I-Ting 2016 PhD postdoc Max-Planck Institute for Astronomy, Heidelberg Lisa Kewley iting at
Hsieh, Henry 2007 PhD Senior Scientist Planetary Science Institute David Jewitt hhsieh at
Home Page
Huang, Ding 2013 MS     Jessica Lu  
Huang, Jiasheng 1997 PhD Astrophysicist, SIRTF/IRAC team Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory Lennox Cowie jhuang at
Hung, Chao-Ling 2015 PhD Harlan J. Smith Fellow Astronomy Department, University of Texas at Austin David Sanders lynn0701 at
Ishida, Catherine 2004 PhD Lecturer University of Hawaii at Hilo David Sanders  
Jacobs, Bradley 2012 PhD     Brent Tully bradaj at
Jaeggli, Sarah 2011 PhD Staff Scientist National Solar Observatory Haosheng Lin
Jensen, Joseph 1997 PhD Professor, Managing Editor Utah Valley University, ASP Conference Series Gerard Luppino Joseph.Jensen at
Home Page
Jiao, Litao 1998 PhD Senior Software Engineer SS8 Networks Barry LaBonte  
Jim, Kevin 2001 PhD Head KJImagin, Honolulu, HI Gerard Luppino Home Page
Jones, Terry 1977 PhD Professor University of Minnesota Melvin Dyck tjj at
Home Page
Kakazu, Yuko 2007 PhD Public Outreach Specialist Subaru Telescope Esther Hu kakazu at
Home Page
Kalas, Paul 1997 PhD Adjunct Professor University of California, Berkeley David Jewitt kalas at
Home Page
Kaluna, Heather 2015 PhD Assistant Professor Department of Astronomy, University of Hawaii at Hilo Karen Meech kaluna at
Kartaltepe, Jeyhan 2009 PhD Assistant Professor School of Physics & Astronomy, Rochester Institute of Technology David Sanders Home Page
Khayat, Alain 2015 PhD postdoc NASA Goddard Alan Tokunaga Alain.Khayat at
Kim, Dong-Chan 1995 PhD Research Associate National Radio Astronomy Observatory NAASC David Sanders dkim at
Home Page
Kim, Tae-Sun 1999 PhD   Osservatorio Astronomico di Trieste, Italy Esther Hu kim at
King, Jeremy 1993 PhD Professor Clemson University Ann Boesgaard jking2 at
Home Page
Knight, Robert 1996 MS        
Knopp, Graham 1997 PhD Environmental Consultant Hilo, Hawaii Kenneth Chambers gpknopp at
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Kocevski, Dale 2006 PhD Assistant Professor of Physics & Astronomy Colby College Harald Ebeling dale.kocevski at
Kolhatkar, Sonali 1998 MS Host/Executive Producer of Uprising KPFK-FM, Los Angeles   sonali at
Home Page
Kotson, Michael 2014 MS   MIT Lincoln Labs    
Krismer, Marni 1996 MS        
Kunkle, Thomas 1979 PhD   Los Alamos National Laboratory Melvin Dyck u091007 at
Kuntz, K. D. 2000 PhD  
Kupke, Renate 1998 PhD Barry LaBonte
Larson, Kirsten 2015 PhD IPAC Postdoctoral Researcher Spitzer Science Center, Caltech David Sanders klarson at
Lavery, Russell 1988 PhD Professor Imperial Valley College California J. Patrcick Henry russell.lavery at
Lee, Nicholas 2015 PhD DARK Postdoctoral Researcher DARK Cosmology Center, Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen
David Sanders nlee at
Leka, K.D. 1995 PhD Senior Research Scientist Northwest Research Associates Inc. Richard Canfield leka at
Home Page
Levesque, Emily 2010 PhD Assistant Professor Dept. of Astronomy, Univ. of Washington Lisa Kewley Home Page
Lindwall, Dennis 1988 PhD Staff Geophysicist Naval Research Lab, Stennis Space Center   lindwall at
Looper, Dagny 2011 PhD   New York University Tisch School of the Arts John Rayner at
Home Page
Ma, Cheng-Jiun 2010 PhD Research Associate Centre for Extragalactic Astronomy, Durham University Harald Ebeling at
MacKenty, John 1986 PhD Senior Scientist & Manager for Wide Field Camera 3 Space Telescope Science Institute Alan Stockton mackenty at
Home Page
Mann, Andrew 2013 PhD Hubble Fellow Dept. of Astronomy, Univ. of Texas at Austin Eric Gaidos Home Page
Mann, Rita 2010 PhD Plaskett Postdoctoral Fellow Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics Jonathan Williams Rita.Mann at
Home Page
Maraziti, Deborah 1994 MS Science Teacher and Service Coordinator Friends' Central School, Wynnewood, Pennsylvania   dmaraziti at
Martin, Terry 1975 PhD retired   William Sinton tzmartin at
Mathews, Geoffrey 2012 PhD Instructor University of Hawai'i at Manoa Jonathan Williams gmathews at
Home Page
Masiero, Joseph 2009 PhD



Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer, JPL Robert Jedicke Joseph.Masiero at
Home Page
McGinn, Martina 1988 PhD Managing Director Feenyx Pty Ltd Kristen Sellgren  
McGrath, Elizabeth 2007 PhD Clare Boothe Luce Assistant Professor Colby College Alan Stockton emcgrath at
Home Page
Micheli, Marco 2013 PhD Scientist NEO Coordination Centre at ESA European Space Research Institute Dave Tholen marco.micheli at
Mongillo, Michael 1976 MS        
Morgan, Jeffrey 1983 PhD Primary Mirror Systems Lead Giant Magellan Telescope Carl Pilcher jmorgan at
Morrison, Nancy 1975 PhD Director of Ritter Observatory University of Toledo, Ohio Sidney Wolff ndm at
Home Page
Moskovitz, Nicholas 2005 MS Astronomer Lowell Observatory David Tholen nmosko at
Mullis, Christopher 2001 PhD Financial advisor Northstar Capitol Advisors J. Patrick Henry chrismullis at
Nassir, Michael 1996 MS Instructor University of Hawai'i at Manoa   nassir at
Home Page
Novicki, Megan 2005 PhD     Ann Boesgaard  
Packman, Dan 1976 MS Software Engineer University Coorporation for Atmospheric Research   pack at
Home Page
Patten, Brian 1995 PhD Telecommunications Specialist U.S. Department of Commerce Theodore Simon brian.m.patten at
Penn, Matthew 1992 PhD Associate Astronomer National Solar Observatory Barry LaBonte mpenn at
Home Page
Pereira, Maria 2004 MS
Pierce, Michael 1988 PhD Professor University of Wyoming Brent Tully mpierce at
Home Page
Pilachowski, Catherine 1975 PhD Professor of Astronomy Indiana University Walter Bonsack catyp at
Home Page
Pilger, Eric 1986 MS Systems Engineer, MAX Project Manager Hawai'i Institute of Geophysics and Planetology   pilger at
Home Page
Piscitelli, Joseph 1986 MS   Postscripts, LLC, Albuquerque    
Pitts, Mark 2011 PhD Lecturer, Dept. of Physics & Astronomy Eastern Kerntucky University Eugene Magnier mark.pitts at
Home Page
Potter, Daniel 2003 PhD   AOptix Technologies Alan Tokunaga dpotter at
Purves, Norman 1979 MS Instructor, Physics and Astronomy University of Hawai'i at Hilo   purves at
Home Page
Ressler, Michael 1992 PhD MIRI (JWST) Project Scientist Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Caltech Mark Shure Michael.E.Ressler at
Home Page
Rich, Jeffrey 2012 PhD Outreach Coordinator The Observatories, Carnegie Institution for Science Lisa Kewley Home Page
Ridgway, Susan 1995 PhD Assistant Astronomer Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory Alan Stockton susanr at
Home Page
Rigler, Michael 1992 PhD Technical Program Manager Microsoft Corporation Simon Lilly mrigler at
Rodney, Steven 2010 PhD Assistant Professor Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of South Carolina John Tonry srodney at
Home Page
Ronan, Robert 1992 PhD Physician (radiology) Massachusetts Barry LaBonte  
Rosenthal, Edward 1994 PhD Physics & Astronomy Instructor Chandler–Gilbert Community College Lennox Cowie edward.rosenthal at
Rothberg, Barry 2005 PhD Support Astronomer Large Binocular Telescope, Tucson. Arizona Robert Joseph brothberg at
Roussanova, Anna 2010 MS Technical Services Engineer Epic (Madison, Wisconsin area)    
Ruotsalainen, Robert 1982 PhD Professor Eastern Washington University Brent Tully Robert.Ruotsalainen at
Home Page
Schempp, William 1980 PhD Vice President of Research MedOptics Corporation, Tucson, Arizona Brent Tully bschemp at
Scuderi, Louis 2013 MS        
Senay, Matthew 1997 PhD     David Jewitt  
Shaya, Edward 1984 PhD Associate Research Scientist University of Maryland Brent Tully eshaya at
Home Page
Sheppard, Scott 2004 PhD Faculty Member, Department of Terrestrial Magnetism Carnegie Institution of Washington David Jewitt sheppard at
Home Page
Shih, Hsin Yi 2014 PhD Science Fellow Gemini North Observatory Alan Stockton jshih at
Simons, Douglas 1991 PhD Executive Director Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope Eric Becklin dsimons at
Sonnett, Sarah 2013 PhD NASA Postdoctoral Fellow Jet Propulsion Laboratory Karen Meech Sarah.Sonnett at
Stalder, Brian 2007 PhD ATLAS Postdoctoral Fellow IfA, UH Kenneth Chambers stalder at
Stephens, Alex 2000 PhD VP, Information Technology Audit Bank of America, Charlotte, NC Ann Boesgaard alex_c_stephens at
Stephenson, Lauren see Zuckerberg, Lauren
Storrs, Alex 1987 PhD Professor Towson University Dale Cruikshank astorrs at
Home Page
Surace, Jason 1998 PhD Senior Research Astronomer California Institute of Technology David Sanders jason at
Home Page
Swindle, Ryan 2014 PhD Research Physicist Air Force Research Laboratory Jeffrey Kuhn thomas.swindle at
Teays, Terry 1976 MS Assistant Director Maryland Space Grant Consortium at Johns Hopkins University   teays at
Thornton, Robert 2002 PhD Professor West Chester University Klaus Hodapp rthornton at
Home Page
Tollestrup, Eric 1987 PhD Senior Development Program Scientist Gemini Observatory Richard Capps etollest at
Home Page
Trentham, Neil 1997 PhD Research Fellow (retired) University of Cambridge John Kormendy trentham at
Home Page
Tripicco, Michael 1987 PhD Manager - SESDA Space Science NASA Goddard Space Flight Center James Heasley miket at
Home Page
Trujillo, Chadwick 2000 PhD Astronomer Gemini Observatory David Jewitt trujillo at
Home Page
U, Vivian 2012 PhD UC Chancellor's Postdoctoral Fellow Dept. of Physics & Astronomy, University of California, Riverside David Sanders vivian.u at
Home Page
Varsik, John 1987 PhD Researcher/Systems Administrator Big Bear Solar Observatory James Heasley varsik at
Home Page
Walton, Stephen 1984 PhD Deceased; formerly Professor and Planetarium Director California State University, Northridge James Heasley  
Wang, Wei-Hao 2006 PhD Research Fellow Academia Sinica Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Lennox Cowie whwang at
Home Page
Ward, Douglas 1986 MS        
Whitman, Kathryn 2004 MS
Whiteley, Robert 2001 PhD Senior Systems Engineer Stellar Solutions, Aurora, Colorado David Tholen  
Willman, Mark 2010 PhD PS1 Observer IfA Maui Robert Jedicke willman at
Wu, Po-Feng 2016 PhD Postdoc Max-Planck Institute for Astronomy, Heidelberg Brent Tully pofeng at
Yang, Bin 2009 PhD Fellow ESO/Chile David Jewitt byang at
Yuan, Tiantian 2012 PhD ANU Postdoctoral Fellow Australian National University Lisa Kewley yuantt at
Home Page
Zahid, H. Jabran 2014 PhD Clay Fellow Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics Lisa Kewley
Zavodny, Maximilian 2008 MS Lead Control System Engineer eSolar   max46145 at
Zenn, Anthony 2010 MS        
Zuckerberg, Lauren 2013 MS Reliability Engineer Hawaiian Airlines   lauren.zuckerberg at