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While there seem to be limited resources for learning about adaptive optics on the internet, here is a collection of links that provide different kinds of educational information.

Wikipedia's Adaptive Optics Page

Australia Telescope Outreach and Education

Center for Adaptive Optics Education Pages

OSA, Advancing the Science and Technology of Light - "AO - a topical meeting focusing on adaptive optics technology across all applications. This topical meeting investigates the commonality and possible synergies between the adaptive optics methods developed and used by various communities pursuing different applications."

Science and Technology Review: Adaptive Optics Sharpen the View from Earth - "FROM a remote outpost on the summit of Hawaii’s dormant Mauna Kea volcano, the world’s two most powerful telescopes, located at the W. M. Keck Observatory, are probing the deepest regions of the universe. Thanks to a Lawrence Livermore–Keck team of scientists and engineers, astronomers are obtaining images on the 10-meter Keck telescopes with resolution greater than that of other land-based telescopes or even the orbiting Hubble Space Telescope."

National Solar Observatory Solar Adaptive Optics Project - "Impressive, sharp images of the Sun can be produced with an advanced adaptive optical system that will give new life to existing telescopes and open the way for a generation of large-aperture solar telescopes. This AO system removes blurring introduced by Earth's turbulent atmosphere and thus provides a clear vision of the smallest structure on the Sun."


Large Binocular Telescope Adaptive Optics Demonstration

Adaptive Optics from University of Victoria

A Quick Demonstration of the Difference Adaptive Optics Makes


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