The Quiet Sun as observed by the 1m balloon borne SUNRISE telescope
Valentin Martinez Pillet

The view obtained of the Quiet Sun magnetism by the 1m solar telescope on board the SUNRISE stratospheric balloon will be presented. Through its high sensitivity magnetograph, IMaX, the most detailed picture (100 km resolution) of the evolution of the solar magnetic and velocity fields has been created. Combined with the data from the near UV imager SUFI, a quantitative temporal correlation between Ca II brightness and magnetic fields can be established. At a spatial resolution of 100 km, "ad-hoc" factors used in inversion codes such as microturbulence or filling factors start to loose their meaning. KiloGauss fields are directly inferred by simply the amplitude of the observed polarization signals. The replenishment of newly emerged fields in the form of small scale loops and their interaction with preexisting fields, drive constant reconnection processes that create jet flows at the smallest observed scales ever. These observations, together with the high spectral purity data from the spectropolarimeter in Hinode, are the basis for a new view of these small scales fields. The crucial question of whether they are the result of a near surface dynamo or if they are connected with the large scale global dynamo will be addressed.