Update on NEOWISE: Getting to Know Earth's Nearest Neighbors
Amy Mainzer

The asteroid-hunting portion of the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer project, known as NEOWISE, has resulted in the detections of >158,000 minor planets at thermal infrared wavelengths. Recent analyses of the data have yielded new estimates of the numbers, orbital elements, and physical properties of asteroid populations throughout the solar system. In addition, the mission discovered a number of unusual objects, such as the first known Earth Trojan. Results on the colors and albedos of the Jovian Trojans and Hildas, revisions of our understanding of asteroid collisional families, and long- and short-period comets will be discussed. The NEOWISE project demonstrates the efficacy of using a space-based infrared telescope to discover and characterize asteroids. Prospects for an advanced survey based on NEOWISE will be explored.