Early Results from the Herschel Survey of Hard X-ray Selected AGN
Richard Mushotzky

Our team has obtained Herschel imaging photometry of a sample of ~340 nearby (z<0.03) very hard (14-195 keV) selected AGN. The low redshift of the sample and the ~6" imaging capability of Herschel at 70 microns allows the first determination of the morphology of the sources. Roughly 95% of the sources are detected at 70 microns and 2/3's of these are consistent with point sources in the Herschel images. Thus if the mid to far IR traces star formation, as is commonly assumed, it is nuclear and the implied specific star formation rates are high. This large sample will allow tests of the current paradigms of the origin of the IR emission from AGN such as torii, star formation and the relationship of the mid to far IR with AGN activity. This is work that is very much in progress and I hope the talk will be interactive.