One-minute Colloquium

Every researcher at IfA will have one minute to present their research. The format is simple. You should prepare one slide (yes, only one!) to be displayed by the projector. The slide must be in Adobe PDF format. We will stitch these slides together into a single presentation. After one minute -- Ding! -- and it's on to the next speaker. This format is fun, fast-paced, and worked well last year. It's a great introduction to the department for newcomers and it's always nice to see what your colleagues have been slaving over.

Students, postdocs, staff, and faculty from all islands are encouraged to participate!

Please avoid any sounds, animations, etc. that won't translate well to the presentation machine. Include your name and email address on your slide so that we can easily identify you. You are also encouraged to include a picture of your face on the slide for identification purposes.

The submission deadline is noon on Monday, August 31. Early submissions are appreciated. Submission instructions are the same as last year.

For inspiration, see the full set of presented slides from 2014. Your submitted PDF files from last year are in in /1-minute/2014/.


  1. Prepare your 1-minute pdf slide.
  2. Name it "your-username.pdf", e.g., "raja.pdf".
  3. Double-check that you slide is in PDF format and is only one page.
  4. Put it in the directory "/1-minute/" on galileo by the deadline.