Space-based spectro-polarimetry from HINODE to CLASP, SUNRISE, and beyond
Yukio Katsukawa

Diagnostics of magnetic fields in the solar atmosphere is common motivation in future solar observations. We at NAOJ achieved precise spectro-polarimetric measurements at the photospheric line with the Solar Optical Telescope (SOT) on HINODE. In order to extend our spectro-polarimetric capability to diagnose chromospheric magnetic fields, we are now running two projects: One is a sounding rocket experiment CLASP (Chromospheric Lyman-Alpha SpectroPolarimeter) aiming to explore Hanle diagnostics by UV polarimetry at spectrum lines such as Lyman-alpha and Mg II h & k. One is a spectro-polarimeter SCIP (SUNRISE Chromospheric Infrared spectroPolarimeter) aboard the SUNRISE balloon-borne 1 m optical telescope aiming to pursue Zeeman diagnostics by precise spectro-polarimetry of multiple photospheric and chromospheric lines. Scientific and engineering demonstration through these projects is an important step toward the next-generation solar observations, such as DKIST and SOLAR-C.