Unveiling the Origin of Planetary Systems by Dynamical and Statistical Approaches
Gongjie Li

The unexpected diversity of observed extrasolar planetary systems has posed new challenges to our classical understanding of planetary formation. A lot of these challenges can be addressed by a deeper understanding of the dynamics in planetary systems, which will also allow us to construct more accurate planetary formation theories consistent with observations. In this talk, I will first explain the origin of counter orbiting planets using a new dynamical mechanism I discovered, which also has wide implications in other astrophysical systems, such as the enhancement of tidal disruption rates near supermassive black hole binaries. Then, I will illustrate another dynamical mechanism, which can produce the detected spin-orbit misalignment for system Kepler-56. In addition, I will uncover the architectural properties of circumbinary planetary systems from selection biases using statistical methods, and infer the origin of such systems.