SPIRou at CFHT: a window for nIR spectropolarimetry science at Maunakea
Claire Moutou

SPIRou is both a spectropolarimeter and a high-precision velocimeter. It covers 1 to 2.5 microns at 75,000 resolving power in one shot, providing linear and circular polarization mesurements and 1 m/s goal accuracy. Science objectives include the search for exoplanets around cool stars with the radial-velocity technique, the characterization of transiting exoplanet candidates, and the role of the magnetic field during star and planet formation. It will be mounted at the CFHT at the end of 2017 with the aim of demonstrating performances on sky then be offered to the CFHT community. A series of large programs are being prepared and will be presented as a survey with legacy value. In this presentation, I will show the science rationale and the design for the SPIRou instrument, give an update on the instrument status, and describe the framework of the future survey.