The Magnetic Origin of Non-Eruptive Large Solar Flares
Xudong Sun

Intense solar flares are often, but not always, associated with a coronal mass ejection (CME) that may impact the near-Earth space environment. As a notable example, none of the six X-class flares from AR 12192 (the largest sunspot group since 1990) in October 2014 was accompanied by a CME. Using photospheric magnetic field observation and coronal field modeling, I will show that the likelihood of eruption is limited by the relative measure of magnetic non-potentiality with respect to the restriction of background field, and that non-eruptive flares leave weaker photospheric and coronal imprints compared to their eruptive counterparts. I will discuss our plans to comprehensively investigate the magnetic origin of these non-eruptive large flares, combining observational, numerical, and experimental efforts.