ISEE's Professional Development Program: Preparation for Effective and Inclusive Teaching and Mentoring
Austin Barnes
University of California, Santa Cruz

The Institute for Scientist & Engineer Educators (ISEE) has been working with the astronomy community since 2001 to prepare early-career scientists and engineers to become effective and inclusive in their teaching and mentoring. At the heart of this work is the Professional Development Program (PDP), which provides graduate students and postdocs intensive training in teaching methods supported by research, and a practical teaching experience with students at the undergraduate level. More than 500 participants have now completed the program, and have used the experience to obtain jobs, fellowships, and grants. Many participants return at least once to the PDP to lead a teaching team, and become part of an enduring national community of scientists and engineers dedicated to effective and inclusive education. ISEE was recently awarded a grant from the NSF, "Advancing Inclusive Leaders in Astronomy," which provides support for graduate students and postdocs at ISEE chapters to participate in the PDP, and for alumni at sites across the U.S. to lead and expand upon ISEE's prior work at their own institutions. This presentation will include information about the PDP, and is aimed at recruiting graduate student and postdoc applicants as well as informing advisors about the benefits of the PDP.