EPO: Educating the Public, and ORELSE
Roy Gal
Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii

UH is a land, sea, and space grant public university. Our observatories are on two of the most culturally significant places in Hawaii. The recent issues surrounding TMT and Maunakea have highlighted our unique need and demand for public education and outreach. I will review our efforts to spread knowledge of astronomy, physics, and Hawaii's role in exploring the universe, and discuss some future possibilities. I'll talk about one significant project involving many observatories on Maunakea and in space. The Observations of Redshift Evolution in Large Scale Environments (ORELSE) survey examines the role of galaxy environment on evolution in denser regions of the universe. Targeting galaxy clusters and groups at redshifts 0.7-1.3, we use multi wavelength data to attempt to disentangle the many physical processes that trigger and quench star formation and AGN activity and change galaxy morphology.