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Most faculty are based at IfA-Mānoa, located in the city of Honolulu on the island of O‘ahu. Some are located on the neighbor islands, at our IfA-Hilo and IfA-Maui buildings.


In memoriam: Toby Owen

Tobias C. Owen  (1936 - 2017)
        Tribute by Dave Jewitt 

Executive Personnel

These individuals are the senior leadership team of the IfA.

Günther Hasinger (IfA Director) PhD, 1984, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, München
        Black holes, X-ray astronomy
Robert A. McLaren
(IfA Associate Director) PhD, 1973, University of Toronto
        Instrumentation, infrared astronomy


Tenure-Track Faculty: Research

These individuals teach graduate and/or undergraduate classes, advise graduate student theses, and conduct research.

Christoph Baranec (Hilo)  PhD, 2007, University of Arizona
        Optical science, adaptive optics, exoplanets
Joshua E. Barnes  PhD, 1984, University of California, Berkeley
        Galaxy dynamics
Fabio Bresolin  PhD, 1997, University of Arizona
        Galaxy evolution, chemical abundances, distances, HII regions
Kenneth C. Chambers  PhD, 1990, Johns Hopkins University
        High-redshift galaxies, radio galaxies, galaxy formation
Antoinette Songaila Cowie  PhD, 1980, Boston University
Lennox L. Cowie
 PhD, 1976, Harvard University
Shadia Rifai Habbal  PhD, 1977, University of Cincinnati
        Faculty Chair; Solar and heliospheric physics
Donald N. B. Hall
(Hilo)  PhD, 1970, Harvard University
Klaus W. Hodapp (Hilo) PhD, 1984, University of Heidelberg
        Associate Director, Hilo Operations; star formation, instrumentation
Esther M. Hu  PhD, 1980, Princeton University
Daniel Huber  PhD, 2012, University of Sydney
        Stellar astrophysics, asteroseismology, exoplanets
Nick Kaiser  PhD, 1982, University of Cambridge
        Associate Director for National Telescope Projects; gravitational lensing
Rolf-Peter Kudritzki  PhD, 1973, Technische Universität Berlin
        Massive stars, galaxies, chemical abundances, distances and evolution
Jeffrey R. Kuhn (Maui)  PhD, 1981, Princeton
       Sun, astrophysics, instrumentation
Haosheng Lin (Maui)  PhD, 1992, Michigan State University
        Solar physics
Michael C. Liu  PhD, 2000, University of California, Berkeley
        Extrasolar planets, brown dwarfs, star and planet formation
Karen J. Meech  PhD, 1987, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
        Planetary astronomy 
Roberto H. Méndez
 PhD, 1978, University of La Plata, Argentina
        Planetary nebulae in our Galaxy and others
Bo Reipurth
(Hilo)  PhD, 1981, University of Copenhagen
        Star formation and molecular clouds
David B. Sanders  PhD, 1982, State University of New York at Stony Brook
        molecular clouds, interacting galaxies, submillimeter astronomy
István Szapudi
 PhD, 1995, Johns Hopkins University
        Theory of large-scale structures
David J. Tholen
 PhD, 1984, University of Arizona
        Planetary astronomy
Alan T. Tokunaga
 PhD, 1976, State University of New York at Stony Brook
        IRTF Division Chief and Associate Director, Instrumentation; star formation
John L. Tonry  PhD, 1980, Harvard University
        Cosmology, supernova, instrumentation 
R. Brent Tully
 PhD, 1972, University of Maryland
         Galaxy clustering 
Jonathan P. Williams  
PhD, 1995, University of California, Berkeley
        Graduate Program Chair; submillimeter astronomy, star and planet formation, protoplanetary disks


Tenure-Track Faculty: Support

These individuals support the major activities of the IfA, conduct research, and may teach graduate and/or undergraduate classes and advise graduate student theses.

Colin Aspin (Hilo)  PhD, 1981, Glasgow University
        2.2-Meter Telescope Manager; star formation
Mark R. Chun (Hilo)  PhD, 1997, University of Chicago
        Adaptive optics, atmospheric characterization
Paul H. I. Coleman  PhD, 1985, University of Pittsburgh
        Large-scale structure of the universe
Roy R. Gal  PhD, 2001, California Institute of Technology
        Clusters of galaxies, galaxy evolution, sky surveys
Robert Jedicke  PhD, 1992, University of Toronto
        Pan-STARRS, asteroids, high-energy particle physics
Eugene A. Magnier  PhD, 1993, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
        Pan-STARRS, star formation, large-scale surveys
Richard J. Wainscoat  PhD, 1986, Australian National University
        Pan-STARRS, asteroids


Research Faculty

These individuals conduct research and/or support major IfA activities, through funding provided by external sources. They may also advise graduate students.

Schelte J. "Bobby" Bus (Hilo)  PhD, 1999, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
        IRTF Support Scientist; asteroids
Michael S. Connelley (Hilo)  PhD, 2007, University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa
        IRTF Support Scientist; instrumentation, star formation
Harald Ebeling  PhD, 1994, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, München
        Optical and X-ray astronomy, clusters of galaxies, cosmology, galaxy evolution,
Nader Haghighipour  PhD, 1999, University of Missouri-Columbia
        Planetary Dynamics, extrasolar planets
Narayan S. Raja  PhD, 1992, Michigan State University
        Computer Section
John T. Rayner  PhD, 1988, University of Edinburgh
        IRTF Support Scientist; star formation, instrumentation
Norbert Schörghofer  PhD, 1998, University of Chicago
        NAI Project Manager; planetary science



The primary duty of these individuals is teaching and developing undergraduate courses.

Geoffrey S. Mathews  PhD, 2012, University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa
Michael A. Nassir  MS, 1996, University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa


Emeritus Faculty

These are retired tenured faculty, still involved in research and/or other activities associated with the IfA.

Ann M. Boesgaard  PhD, 1966, University of California, Berkeley
        Stellar spectroscopy
Christ Ftaclas  PhD, 1978, City University of New York
        Instrumentation, extrasolar planets
J. Patrick Henry  PhD, 1974, University of California, Berkeley
        Cosmology, X-ray astronomy
John T. Jefferies  DSc, 1962, West Australia
        Solar physics; founding director of IfA
Alan N. Stockton  PhD, 1968, University of Arizona
        Active galaxy nuclei
Gareth Wynn-Williams
 PhD, 1971, University of Cambridge
        Interstellar matter

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