mountain profile Institute for Astronomy University of Hawaii

Former Faculty

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Tenure-Track Faculty

Eric Becklin 1977–1989. Now with SOFIA Science Center: Home Page

Walter Bonsack 1966–1987. Retired

Richard Canfield 1985–1996. Retired: Home Page

Dale Cruikshank 1970–1988. Now at NASA-Ames: Home Page

Melvyn Dyck 1973–1986.

James Heasley 1977–2013. Retired

George Herbig 1987–2001. Deceased

John Jefferies 1967–1983. Founding Director. Retired: IfA History Pages

David Jewitt 1988–2009. Now at UCLA: Home Page

Lisa Kewley 2007–2012. Now at Australian National University and Visiting Colleague at IfA: Home Page

Lev Kofman 1993- 1999. Deceased

John Kormendy 1990–2000. Now at University of Texas: Home Page

Barry Labonte 1981–2003. Deceased

Simon Lilly 1985–1992. Now at Institute of Technology, Zurich:  Home Page

Gerard Luppino 1990–2008. Now at GL Scientific: Home Page

Eduardo Martín 2000–2003. Now at Centro de Astrobiologia, Spain

Marie McCabe 1967–1987. Retired: IAU Page

Thomas McCord 1978–1980. Now at The Bear Fight Institute: Home Page

T. K. Menon 1968–1971. Emeritus Professor at University of British Columbia: Home Page

David Morrison 1969–1990. Now at SETI Institute: Home Page

Frank Orrall  1967–1994. Deceased 

Andrew Pickles 1988–2003. Now at Las Cumbres Observatory: Home Page

Carl Pilcher 1973–1988. Now at NASA Astrobiology Institute: Staff Page

Kathleen Robertson 1990–2014. Retired.

Claude Roddier 1990–2000.

Francois Roddier 1989–2000. IAU page

Jim Rose 1980–1986. Emeritus Professor at University of North Carolina: Home Page

Ilia Roussev 2006–2013. Now working at the National Science Foundation: Home Page

Bill Sinton 1966–1990.  Deceased

Richard Wolff 1970–1985. Retired: Google Page

Sidney Wolff 1967–1985. Now at LSST: IAU page

Ray Wolstencroft 1968–1976. Retired:  IAU page

Jack Zirker 1967–1976.


Research Faculty

Lothar Bandermann c. 1969–1976.

Richard Baron 1990–1997.

Richard Capps 1976–1987. Now at JPL

Carol Christian  1981–1989. now at STScI: Home Page

Laird Close 1996–1998. Now at University of Arizona: Home Page

Gerard Finn 1965–1977.

George Fisher 1986–1991. Now at SSL Berkeley: Home Page

Isabella Gioia 1992–2001. Now at University of Bologna: Home Page

Jay Goguen 1981–1986. Now at JPL: Home Page

Elon Graves 1993–2000. Now at AOptix

Thomas Greene 1992–1997. Now at NASA-Ames: Home Page

William Heacox 1980–1986. Now at UH Hilo (emeritus): Home Page

Joseph Hora  1991–1997.  Now a Harvard-Smithsonian: Home Page

Robert Howell 1981–1986. Now at University of Wyoming: Home Page

Hugh Hudson 1990–1996. SSL Berkeley: Home Page

Richard Knabb 1999–2001. Now at National Hurricane Center: Home Page

Donald Landman 1972–1985. IAU directory

Sandra Leggett 1994–1996. Now at Gemini Observatory: Home Page

Dan Lester 1982–1984. Now at University of Texas: Home Page

Jing Li  1999–2009. Now at UCLA: Home Page

Charlie Lindsey 1977–1991. Now at Northwest Research Associates, Boulder: Staff List

Alexander (Sandy) McClymont 1985–1998.

Donald Mickey 1970–2011. Retired

Malcom Northcott 1989–2000. Now at AOptix Technologies

Isabelle Scholl 2008–2013.

Kristen Sellgren 1984–1990. Emerita Professor at Ohio State University: Home Page

Mark Shure 1987–1995.

Theodore Simon 1970–2005. Retired: IAU page

Doug Simons 1990–1994. Now at Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope: Home Page

Brad Smith 1990–1994. Retired: IAU page

Tjet Sun 1989–1995

Charlie Telesco 1979–1982. Now at University of Florida: Home Page

Laird Thompson 1980–1987. Now at University of Illinois (emeritus): Home Page

Eric Tollestrup 2003–2009. Now at Gemini Observatory: Staff page

William Vacca 1998–2000. Now with SOFIA Science Center: Staff Page