5390 Å Narrowband Image of Broad Line AGN in the HDF Broad line AGN are only rarely detected in faint (B=25, I=23, K=20) magnitude limited samples, but the 5390 Å narrowband filter search yielded two such objects at z=3.40 and lying near the HDF proper. This may suggest that they are more common at fainter magnitudes and are picked up in the narrowband image because of the strength of the emission lines. The two objects are circled on this image and lie to the NW and SE of the HDF center. The region shown here is approximately 2.6 × 4.0 arcmin2 in size.

These objects have nearly identical redshifts. The strong broad CIV and Lyman alpha emission lines make them extremely easy to identify.Spectra of Two z=3.40 Broad Line AGN in the HDF

Esther M. Hu
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Last Revision: March 8th 1998