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Postdoctoral Researchers

Heather Flewelling  PhD, 2009, University of Michigan
        Gamma-ray bursts
Aren (Ari) Heinze    PhD, 2007, University of Arizona
       ATLAS Postdoctoral Fellow
       Asteroids, Kuiper Belt, brown dwarfs, variable stars, exoplanets and debris disks
Mark Huber  PhD, 2002, University of Wyoming
        Transients and variable stars
Jan Kleyna  PhD, 1998, Harvard University
       Main Belt comets, Pan-STARRS moving object software, DIXI mission support
Eva Lilly (née Schunova)   PhD, 2012, Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia
       Near-Earth Object Postdoctoral Fellow
       Small bodies in the solar system, their discovery, and dynamical evolution
Brian Stalder    PhD, 2007, University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa
       ATLAS Postdoctoral Fellow
       Instrumentation, large surveys, galaxy clusters, galaxy evolution, cosmology
Yudish Ramanjooloo  PhD, 2015, University College London
       NEO Follow-Up Postdoctoral Fellow
       Near-Earth objects, interaction between solar wind and the induced magnetosphere of comets, exoplanets
Nienke van der Marel  PhD, 2015, Leiden Observatory, Netherlands
        Parrent Postdoctoral Fellow
        Planet formation, detailed observations and modeling of circumstellar disks
Christopher Waters  PhD, 2007, Michigan State University
        Globular cluster dynamics
Robert Weryk   PhD, 2013, The University of Western Ontario
        Near-Earth Object Postdoctoral Fellow
        Small bodies in the solar system and their interactions with Earth

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