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Postdocs and Researchers

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Chris Ashall – PhD, 2017, Liverpool John Moores University, UK,
           Robo CAT Postdoctoral Fellow,
           Supernovae, Time-domain Astronomy

Charles-Antoine Claveau – PhD, 2019, CEA Saclay/University Paris-Saclay, France,
           Detector Development Postdoctoral Fellow,
           Next Generation of Infrared Sensors, Instrumentation

Thomas de Boer – PhD, 2012, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, The Netherlands,
           Pan-STARRS Astronomical Survey Postdoctoral Fellow,
           Dwarf galaxies, Globular clusters, stellar streams

Thomas de Jaeger – PhD, 2016, Universidad de Chile, Chile,
           Hawai'i Supernovae Flows Postdoctoral Fellow,
           Supernovae, Time-domain Astronomy

John Fairlamb – PhD, 2015, University of Leeds, UK,
           Pan-STARRS Survey Research Fellow,
           Pre-main sequence evolution of Herbig Ae/Be stars

Hua Gao – PhD, 2019, Peking University, China,
           Pan-STARRS Astronomical Survey Postdoctoral Fellow,
           Galaxy Morphology and Galaxy Evolution

Aren (Ari) Heinze – PhD, 2007, University of Arizona,
           ATLAS Postdoctoral Fellow,
           Asteroids, Kuiper Belt, brown dwarfs, variable stars, exoplanets and debris disks

Marc Hon – PhD, 2020, UNSW Sydney, Australia,
           Hubble Fellow,
           Stars, Stellar Evolution, Machine Learning

Chien-Cheng (Roger) Lin – PhD, 2014, National Central University, Taiwan,
           Astronomical Survey Postdoctoral Fellow,
           Star clusters, Be stars, Variable stars

Sushant Mahajan – PhD, 2019, Georgia State University,
           Solar Physics Postdoctoral Fellow,
           Solar Physics, Helioseismology, Solar Dynamo, Machine Learning

Jamie Tayar – PhD, 2018, Ohio State University,
          Hubble Fellow,
          Stars, Stellar evolution, Stellar Physics

Lauren Weiss – PhD, 2016, UC Berkeley,
          Parrent Fellow,
          Exoplanet research



Mark Huber  PhD, 2002, University of Wyoming
            Astronomical Survey Researcher

Jan Kleyna  PhD, 1998, Harvard University
            Small Aphelion Postdoctoral Researcher
            Main Belt comets, Pan-STARRS moving object software, DIXI mission support

Yudish Ramanjooloo  PhD, 2015, University College London
           Planetary Defense Junior Researcher
           Near-Earth objects, interaction between solar wind and the induced magnetosphere of comets, exoplanets