Luminous Infrared Galaxies

ASTR 736,  Fall 2015 

Thursdays, 1500 – 1615 Hrs




Sep. 03           Setting the Stage


      Reading assignment:      Sanders & Mirabel 1996, ARA&A,  34, 749-92  



Sep. 10           Overview presentation


      Discovery, Definitions, Space & Ground Based Telescopes, multi-wavelength observations,  space densities and Luminosity Functions vs. redshift, comparison with other extragalactic populations. 

Powerpoint presentation.pdf


Sep. 17           Origin & Evolution of Local LIRGs


      Studies of flux-limited samples of local objects – GOALS

                         Powerpoint presentation.pdf


Sep. 24           Descriptions of Class Projects (CP)


      SEDs                                             Liz

      Gas Content                                 Lucy,  Kelly

      Evol Models                                 ZJ

      AGN  vs. *B                                   Jia

      Lz vs. Hz                                       Andrew


Oct. 05     * Note: New day*   Discussion of CP Papers + SED overview


Oct. 08           More Details for CPs


            (U)LIRG properties and Comparison with other ExGal Populations

                        Powerpoint presentation.pdf


Oct. 19     * Note: New day*   Molecular Cloud properties


             Definition of GMCs, size distribution, infrared luminosities, Milky Way GMCs

                        Properties of GMCs in the Milky Way.pdf



Oct. 22           Origin and Evolution of LIRGs at low and high redshift


             Studies of individual sources – e.g. morphology, SFR (Interactions and Mergers)  vs.  group properties – e.g. SFR vs. M* (Main Sequence)


Oct. 29           General Discussion of ULIRG properties


             Re-focus the scope of Class Papers to address the most interesting topics.  


Nov. 05          The Galaxy Main Sequence of star formation: confrontation with reality


             What is the galaxy MS,  and how does it relate to the actual growth of the stellar population of all galaxies over cosmic time ?