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Graduate Program: Applying for Admission

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We welcome applications for admission to the astronomy graduate program from highly motivated students with a strong background in astronomy or physics. Our program is strongly geared toward the achievement of the PhD, a process that usually takes about six years and includes the MS degree en route. We can also accept applications from students whose goal is the MS degree. We typically admit 4 to 8 students per year into our program.

Students who are considering applying to graduate school should read the following pages:

Financial support

Most of our students are supported by graduate assistantships, which provide a full tuition waiver as well as a stipend sufficient for normal living expenses. Unless you tell us otherwise, we will assume that you wish to be considered for a graduate assistantship. Graduate assistantships are open to both US and foreign citizens.

We also encourage qualified students to apply for NSF graduate fellowships; the application deadline is early November.

Further Information

Application forms may be filled out online or downloaded as PDF files. We encourage you to use the online forms to save time and resources. However, if you need paper copies of the forms, please send an email to the graduate chair.

The University of Hawai‘i’s Graduate Division specifies university-wide admissions requirements for US and international students. There are also pages describing Graduate Studies at UH Manoa, the entire 10-campus University System, and the University of Hawai‘i General and Graduate Catalog.

If you have any questions about the astronomy program please contact the astronomy graduate chair, Dr. Jonathan Williams:


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