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Graduate Program Deadlines

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NOTE: This page lists deadlines for students who are already enrolled in the graduate program at the Institute for Astronomy. It does not list the deadline for applications to the program itself. See the admissions instructions for the deadline for applications for admission to the graduate program.

Last date to file application for PhD / MS degree Sep 10 Jan 28 June 1
Last date for final PhD / Plan A MS defense * Oct 22 Mar 11 June 7
Last date to deposit PhD / Plan A MS dissertation Nov 5 Apr 1 July 1
Last day to submit master's Plan B final exam results Nov 22 Apr 19 July 11
* Graduate Division must be notified two weeks before the exam so it can be announced in News@UH.

These dates are subject to change, so check with Graduate Division before embarking on any career-threatening procrastination. See also: