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Graduate Students

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This page includes all students currently registered in the astronomy graduate program, listed by to year of entry. Dissertation topics and doctoral committees are included for students who have advanced to PhD candidacy. Students who have earned astronomy degrees from the University of Hawai‘i are listed alphabetically and temporally.


Gagandeep Anand BS, 2015, Vassar College
MS, 2017, Boston University

Connor Auge BS, 2017, Northern Arizona University

Aaron Do BA, 2014, Whitman University

James Ou BS, 2017, University of Hawaii at Manoa

Anna Payne BS, 2015, Wellesley University

Jessica Schonhut-Stasik BA, 2017, Open University

Michael Tucker BS, 2017, Applachian State University

Erica Bufanda BS, 2015, University of California, Santa Cruz

Zach Claytor BA, 2016, Ohio Wesleyan University

Ashley Chontos BS, 2016, State University of New York at Albany

Ryan Dungee MS, 2016, University of Pennsylvania

Travis Berger BS, 2015, University of North Carolina

Benjamin Boe BS, 2015, University of Puget Sound

Christian Flores BS, 2014, University of Chile

Denise Hung BS, 2015, Ohio State University

Maissa Salama BS, 2014, University of California, Berkeley

Zhoujian Zhang BS, 2015, Nanjing University

Kelly Blumenthal BS, 2014, Boston University
PhD topic: "Baryons Go In, Baryons Go Out: Understanding the Metabolism of Galaxy Interactions"
Committee: Josh Barnes (Chair), Kudritzki, Tullly, Hernquist, Maricic (University representative)

Larissa Nofi BS, 2013, University of California, Santa Cruz
PhD topic: "A Search for Young Planets Around T Tauri Stars"
Committee: Meech (Chair), Prato, Haghighipour, Hodapp, Howard, Rayner, Lucey (University representative)

Samuel Grunblatt MS, 2015, University of Hawai‘i
BA, 2013, Columbia University
PhD topic: "A Search for Giant Planets Orbiting Giant Stars with K2"
Committee: Huber (Chair), Gaidos, Baranec, Kudritzki, Howard, Williams, Learned (University representative)

Conor McPartland MS, 2015, University of Hawai‘i
BS, 2012, University of California, Santa Cruz
PhD topic: "The Role of Mergers and AGN in Quenching the Galaxy Main Sequence"
Committee: Sanders (Chair), Kumar (University representative), Barnes, Hasinger, Magnier

Andrew Repp PhD (mathematics), 1998, Virginia Tech
PhD topic: "Constraining Cosmology with Sufficient Statistics"
Committee: Szapudi (Chair), Learned (University representative), Ebeling, Kaiser, Tully

Maxwell Service MS, 2015, University of Hawai‘i
BS, 2013, Case Western Reserve University
PhD topic: "Studying Young Massive Clusters using Wide-Field Adaptive Optics Imaging"
Committee: Chun (Chair), Lu (Co-Chair), Businger (University representative), Baranec, Magnier, Reipurth

Laurie Chu (née Urban) MS, 2014, University of Hawai‘i
BS, 2011, Northern Arizona University
PhD topic: "Investigating the Structure and Composition of Molecular Clouds in Preparation for JWST"
Committee: Hodapp (Chair), Huss (University representative), Hall, Meech, Williams

Sean Goebel MS, 2014, University of Hawai‘i
BA, 2011, University of California, Berkeley
PhD topic: "Detector Integration into the SCExAO Instrument"
Committee: Hall (Chair), Learned (University representative), Guyon, Chun, Connelley, Howard

Matthew Hosek Jr. MS, 2014, University of Hawai‘i
BA, 2012, Williams College
PhD topic: "Young Massive Clusters Near the Galactic Center: Initial Mass Function and Stellar Evolution"
Committee: Lu (Chair), Santhanam (University representative), Liu, Kudritzki, Reipurth, Mark Morris

Ehsan Kourkchi MS, 2006, Sharif University of Technology
PhD topic: "Recovering the Structure and Dynamics of the Local Universe"
Committee: Tully (Chair), Learned (University rep), Cowie, Ebeling, Hasinger, Kaiser

Evan Sinukoff MS, 2014, University of Hawai‘i
BS, 2011, McMaster University
PhD topic: "Masses and Properties of Sub-Neptune-Size Planets"
Committee: Howard (Chair), Taylor (University representative), Liu, Baranec, Lu

Dani Atkinson MS, 2014, University of Hawai‘i
BS, 2005, University of Washington
PhD topic: "HgCdTe APD Arrays for Astronomy: Natural Guide Star Wavefront Sensing and Space Astronomy"
Committee: Hall (Chair), Learned (University representative), Baranec, Kuhn, Lu

William Best MS, 2013, University of Hawai‘i
MEd, 2009, University of Hawai‘i
BA, 1994, Haverford College
PhD topic : "Ultracool Demography with a Volume-Limited Census of the Solar Neighborhood"
Committee: Liu (Chair), Magnier, Lu, Forveille, Marley, Binsted (UH representative)

Yanxia Li MS, 2013, University of Hawai‘i
BS, 2010, Beijing Normal University
PhD topic : "Characterizing the Cosmic Near-Infrared Background Fluctuations"
Committee: Hasinger (Chair), Binsted (University representative), Arendt, L. Cowie, Sanders

Jason Chu MS, 2011, University of Hawai‘i
BS, 2009, University of California, Berkeley
PhD topic: "The Rest-Frame Optical Spectra of Z > 2 Galaxies: Understanding the Starburst and AGN Populations in the COSMOS Field"
Committee: Sanders (Chair), Barnes, Binsted (University representative), Kewley, Kudritzki
Michael Lum BS, 2009, San Jose State University
MS, 2013, University of Hawai‘i
PhD topic: "A Multi-Cluster Study of Nucleosynthetic Processes"
Committee: Boesgaard (Chair), Bresolin, Kudritzki, Lim (University Representative), Mendez