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Graduate Students

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This page includes all students currently registered in the astronomy graduate program, listed by to year of entry. Dissertation topics and doctoral committees are included for students who have advanced to PhD candidacy. Students who have earned astronomy degrees from the University of Hawai‘i are listed on the Alumni page.


Kelly Blumenthal BS, 2014, Boston University

Larissa Nofi BS, 2013, University of California, Santa Cruz

Elizabeth Toller SB, 2014, Massachusetts Institute for Technology

Samuel Grunblatt BA, 2013, Columbia University

Conor McPartland BS, 2012, University of California, Santa Cruz

Andrew Repp PhD (mathematics), 1998, Virginia Tech

Maxwell Service BS, 2013, Case Western Reserve University

Megan Ansdell MS, 2014, University of Hawai‘i
BS, 2008, University of Saint Andrews
PhD topic: "Protoplanetary Disk Demographics with ALMA"
Committee: Jonathan Williams (chair), Gary Huss (University reprepresentative), Eric Gaidos, Habbal, Howard, Liu

Benjamin Fulton BS, 2009, University of California, Santa Barbara

Sean Goebel BA, 2011, University of California, Berkeley

Matthew Hosek Jr. BA, 2012, Williams College

Ehsan Kourkchi MS, 2006, Sharif University of Technology

Evan Sinukoff BS, 2011, McMaster University

Laurie Urban BS, 2011, Northern Arizona University

Dani Atkinson MS, 2014, University of Hawaii‘i
BS, 2005, University of Washington
PhD topic: "HgCdTe APD Arrays for Astronomy: Natural Guide Star Wavefront Sensing and Space Astronomy"
Committee: Don Hall (chair), John Learned (University reprepresentative), Baranac, Kuhn, Lu

William Best MS, 2013, University of Hawai‘i
MEd, 2009, University of Hawai‘i
BA, 1994, Haverford College
PhD topic : "Ultracool Demography with a Volume-Limited Census of the Solar Neighborhood"
Committee: Michael Liu (chair), Magnier, Lu, Thierry Forveille, Mark Marley, Kim Binsted (UH representative)

Li-Yen Hsu MS, 2010, National Taiwan University
PhD topic: "Characterizing Faint Submillimeter Galaxies with Cluster Lensing"
Committee: Len Cowie (chair), John Learned (University reprepresentative), Amy Barger, Sanders, Williams

Yanxia Li MS, 2013, University of Hawai‘i
BS, 2010, Beijing Normal University
PhD topic : "Characterizing the Cosmic Near-Infrared Background Fluctuations"
Committee: Guenther Hasinger (chair), Kim Binsted (UH representative), Richard Arendt, L. Cowie, Sanders

Kelly Lockhart MS, 2013, University of Hawai‘i
BS, 2007, Rice University
PhD topic: "Super Star Clusters and Their Connection to Galactic Winds"
Committee: Jessica Lu (chair), Kim Binsted (University reprepresentative), Barnes, Kewley, Kudritzki

Hyewon Suh MS, 2010, Yonsei University
PhD topic: "The Co-evolution of Galaxies and Black Holes: Spectroscopic Analysis of X-ray-Selected AGNs"
Committee: Guenther Hasinger( chair), Kimberly Binsted (University representative), Francesca Civano, Patrick Henry, Hu, Sanders
Po-Feng Wu MS, 2010, National Taiwan University
PhD topic: "Dissecting the Surface Brightness of Galaxies"
Committee: Brent Tully (chair), John Learned (University representative), Barnes, Gal, Kaiser
Kimberly Aller MS, 2012, University of Hawai‘i
BA, 2010, University of California, Berkeley
PhD topic: "Finding the elusive Substellar Mebers of Young Moving Groups"
Committee: Mike Liu (chair), Kim Binsted (University representative), Adam Kraus, Magnier, Kudritzki, Howard
I-Ting Ho MS, 2009, National Taiwan University
PhD topic: "Shocks and Metallicity Gradients in Normal Star-forming Galaxies"
Committee: Lisa Kewley (chair), Kim Binsted (University representative), Sanders, Barnes, Adam Bolton, Bresolin
Chao-Ling Hung MS, 2010, National Tsinghua University
PhD topic: "Origin and Evolution of High-Redshift (ULIRGs): Mergers or Secular Disks"
Committee: Dave Sanders (chair), Kim Binsted (University representative), Barnes, Kewley, Kudritzki
Jason Chu MS, 2011, University of Hawai‘i
BS, 2009, University of California, Berkeley
PhD topic: "The Rest-Frame Optical Spectra of Z > 2 Galaxies: Understanding the Starburst and AGN Populations in the COSMOS Field"
Committee: Dave Sanders (chair), Barnes, Kim Binsted (University representative), Kewley, Kudritzki
Gabriel Dima MA, 2009, Cambridge University, UK
PhD topic: "Investigating Dynamic Events in the Solar Corona through the use of 3-D MHD Simulations"
Committee: Ilia Roussev (chair), Veronica Bindi (University representative), Kudritzki, Kuhn, John Madey
Michael Lum BS, 2009, San Jose State University
MS, 2013, University of Hawai‘i

PhD topic: "A Multi-Cluster Study of Nucleosynthetic Processes"
Committee: Ann Boesgaard (chair), Bresolin, Kudritzki, Lipyeow Lim (University Representative), Méndez


Matthew Zagursky MS, 2012, University of Hawai‘i
BS, 2009, University of Maryland College Park
PhD topic: "Recovering the Structure and Cosmic Flow of the Local Universe via Peculiar Velocities"
Committee: Brent Tully (chair), Hasinger, Kaiser, John Learned (University representative), Tonry
Heather Kaluna MS, 2010, University of Hawai‘i
BA, 2008, University of Hawai‘i at Hilo
PhD topic: "Water Distributions of Inner Solar System"
Committee: Meech (chair), Bus, Haghighipour, Schorghofer, Tholen, Paul Lucey (University representative)
Alain Khayat MS, 2010, University of Hawai‘i
MS, 2006, Lebanese University
PhD topic: "Multi-band Search for Volcanic Outgassing in the Tharsis and Syrtis Major Regions on Mars"
Committee: Tokunaga (chair), Habbal, Owen, Schorghofer, Michael Mumma, Paul Lucey (University representative)
Kirsten Larson MS, 2010, University of Hawai‘i
BA, 2008, College of Wooster
PhD topic: "Distribution of Luminosity, Gas and Stellar Populations in Local LIRGs"
Committee: Sanders (chair), Barnes, Kewley, Stockton, Kim Binsted (University representative)
Nicholas Lee MS, 2010, University of Hawai‘i
BS, 2007, University of California, Berkeley
PhD topic: "Tracing Submillimeter Galaxies Throughout Cosmic Time"
Committee: Sanders (chair), Hasinger, Henry, Emeric LeFloc'h, Kim Binsted (University representative)

Thomas Dixon MS, 2009, University of Hawai‘i
B.Sc., 2007, University of Hertfordshire, UK
PhD topic: "Advanced Methods for Weak Gravitational Lensing on Pan-STARRS"
Committee: Kaiser (chair), Burgett, Joseph, Henry, Ebeling, Williams, John Learned (University representative)