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Student Applications for Telescope Time

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Only students who have advanced to candidacy are eligible to submit proposals for all of the telescopes to which the UH has access. Prior to candidacy, students are eligible to apply for time on the UH 2.2 m telescope, UKIRT, and up to 2 hours of queue time on either Gemini or CFHT.

1. In order to advance to candidacy, students with theses requiring UH telescope time will be required to submit a telescope proposal based on their thesis research to the Time Allocation Committee (TAC) for Pre-Review. The proposal should include a good-faith estimate of the total telescope time needed for completion of the thesis, assuming no weather loss. The Pre-Review proposal must be submitted 10 weeks before the first TAC deadline by which the student intends to apply for thesis observations. Basing its judgment on a comparison with the previous semester's rankings, the TAC will promptly provide the grade, the ranking, whether time would have been awarded, and feedback to the student and thesis committee prior to the thesis approval. Except in cases of unavoidable scheduling difficulties, it is expected that the thesis presentation will occur after the Pre-Review feedback process. A revised version of the proposal can then be submitted by the regular TAC deadline.

The Pre-Review grades, rank, and feedback are not for actual telescope time. They primarily allow the student, the advisor, and the thesis committee to assess the current TAC situation and to gauge the probability that the student project would receive the telescope time needed to complete the desired science, based on the previous semester's situation. The TAC Pre-Review will be nonbinding and reflects only an assessment in terms of the previous semester's time allocation. Likewise, it is recognized that endorsement by a thesis committee does not serve the same role as TAC review as to the future merits, feasibility, competitiveness, etc., of a student's observing proposal.

2. Once the Pre-Review has been completed and the thesis has been approved, students will submit their proposals in the regular semester cycles and be evaluated by the TAC using the above stated criteria. As with all PIs, students are expected to demonstrate good-faith progress in analyzing data from previous allocations and must describe such progress in detail in future proposals.

3. Student thesis programs are not given long-term status, nor are they guaranteed continuous observing time, and they will be evaluated by TAC members equally with other proposals.

4. All student proposals must have a faculty Co-I. For thesis proposals, the thesis advisor must appear as a Co-I.

5. Proposals must be written entirely by the student, with advice and input from their faculty Co-I as appropriate.

6. Students must be enrolled at the UH at the time of their allocated nights.


Complete UH TACProcedures (IfA internal website).