mountain profile Institute for Astronomy University of Hawaii

This telescope represents the interests of many institutions and research groups across the globe. Partners from Asia, Europe and North America are all involved. There is a diverse set of science to be done with this telescope - extrasolar planets, circumstellar environments, planetary atmospheres, small bodies in the solar system, instrumentation and several more.



Tokoku Univestity
Sho Okano



Institute for Astronomy University of Hawaii (IfA)
Jeff Kuhn
David Harrington
Lisa hunter
Christ Ftaclas



Kippenhauer Institute for Solar Physics:
Svetlana Berdyugina
h The National University of Mexico (UNAM):
Gloria Koensberger
Luis Salas
Irene Cruz-Gonzalez
Elfego Ruiz
Erika Sohn
Esteban Luna
f U. Colorado Boulder Lab for Astrophysics and Space Science:
Nick Schneider