IAU Symposium 186
Galaxy Interactions at Low and High Redshift
26-30 August, 1997
Kyoto, Japan


All of the submitted abstracts are now on-line as HTML.

You can view a Table of Contents with the abstracts in the order they appear in the proceedings, or an Index by author name.

Important:Please note that all of the abstracts were converted to HTML from LaTex by a completely automated process. As a result, some peculiarities occurred. If something particularly bad has happened to your abstract, email me (for example, if large blocks of text are missing). Also, note that HTML is not as flexible as LaTex, and so many things cannot readily be translated (special astronomy symbols, certain superscripts, etc.). Please be assured that your abstract will appear properly in the printed proceedings , since it will be based on the LaTex template you sent in. These problems will be addressed as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience - Jason Surace.