IAU Symposium 186
Galaxy Interactions at Low and High Redshift
26-30 August, 1997
Kyoto, Japan

Abstracts Indexed by Author

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S186-070T Aalto, S et al. Changes in mol cloud properties in Arp 299
S186-002T Abraham , R. Overview - high- z observations
S186-008T Aguilar, L. Moving groups in the Galactic halo
S186-139P Allington-Smith, J. et al. The evolution of galaxies in poor groups (Withdrawn)
S186-104P Anosova, J. & Benedict, G. Dynamics of Nuclear Structures in Barred Gals
S186-027T Antonioletti, M. & Nelson, A. Numerical simulations of the M51 system
S186-026T Appleton, P. Collisional ring galaxies
S186-140P Aragon-Salamanca, A. et al. The K-band Hubble diagram for BCGs
S186-141P Ardi, E. & Inagaki, S. Stochastic forces in gravitationally bound clusters
S186-010P Armandroff, T. et al. The star formation history of the Sagittarius Dwarf
S186-105P Arshakian, T. Possibility of 2 groups of classical double radio sources
S186-037T Athanassoula, E. & Vozikis, C. Properties of multiple merger remnants
S186-106P Baker, A. & Clements, D. The fate of ultra-luminous mergers
S186-204L Baker, J. et al. Associated absorption in high redshift CSS quasars
S186-036T Barnes, J. Dynamics of merger remnants
S186-051T Bekki, K. Fundamental plane and merger scenario
S186-038T Bertola, F. Counterrotating gas and stars
S186-172T Blandford, R. The HDF/MDS
S186-107P Boyle, B. & Schade, D. The host galaxies of X-ray selected AGN
S186-077P Brinks, E. et al. Ocular galaxies: NGC2535 and starburst companion NGC2536
S186-078P Brodie, J. Keck spectra of proto-GCs in mergers NGC1275, NGC6052, Arp222
S186-187T Bruzual, G. Understanding starburst populations
S186-052P Bureau, M. & Freeman, K. Boxy/peanut bulges in spirals:accretion or bars
S186-011P Bystrova, N. New data from Ratan-600 obs. of the Magellanic Stream
S186-155P Caretta, C. et al. Distribution of clusters in the Aquarius region
S186-047T Carter, D. Shells, ripples & plumes
S186-054P Chatterjee, T. The character of embedded rings
S186-053P Chatterjee, T. & Magalinsky, V. Trends in Virial and fundamental planes
S186-109P Clements, D. et al. The host galaxies of IR luminous quasars
S186-108P Clements, D. et al. The nature of ultraluminous IRAS galaxies
S186-075T Colina, L. et al. HST imaging survey of ULIGs
S186-025T Combes, F. Extended gas in interacting systems
S186-055P Corsini, E. et al. Stellar and ionized gas kinematics in Sa galaxies
S186-110P Deng, Z. et al. The properties of ultraluminous IRAS Seyfert 1 galaxies
S186-203L Donzelli, C. et al. Optical Spectroscopic Properties of a Sample of Interacting Galaxies
S186-080P Duc, P. et al. Gas segregation in the interacting system Arp 105
S186-111P Dultzin-Hacyan, D. & Marziani, P. The interacting Sy 2 galaxy UGC 3995A
S186-101T Dultzin-Hacyan, D. et al. Unified scheme for Seyferts vs intetactions
S186-185T Egami, E. Near-ir spectra of dust-enshrouded high-z QSOs
S186-112P Evans, A. et al. NIR spectroscopy and search for CO in extreme ULIGs
S186-113P Evans, A. et al. Testing the merger hypothesis for powerful radio galaxies
S186-166P Flin, P. & Vavilova, I. Cluster and group LFs in the Jagiellonian survey
S186-050T Forbes, D. Globular clusters in Es:constraints of mergers
S186-046T Franx, M Structure of normal ellipticals
S186-004T Freeman, K. Formation of the Local Group
S186-003T Frenk, C. Overview - theory
S186-073T Fritze-v.Alvensleben, U. & Kurth, O. Bright star clusters in The Antennae
S186-006T Fujimoto, M. et al. Magellanic Stream and the Magellanic Cloud system
S186-114P Fukue, J. et al. Radiative avalanche driven by spherical starbursts
S186-056P Funato, Y. & Makino, J. On the universality of M-sigma relation of Es
S186-081P Gao, Y. & Solomon, P. CO observations of LIGs in a merger sequence
S186-069T Gao, Y. et al. BIMA CO imaging of LIGs in a merger sequence
S186-057P Geisler, D. & Lee, M. Multimodal color distributions in the GCs in Es
S186-058P Gerhard, O. et al. Anisotropy and dark mass in the NGC 6703
S186-067T Gerritsen, J. & Icke, V. Fueling nuclear starbursts in mergers
S186-205T Glazebrook, K. A search for z=1.5 emission line galaxies in the Hubble Deep Field
S186-144P Godlowski, W. & Baier, F. Galaxy orientation in some Abell clusters
S186-060P Goudfrooij, P. & Trinchieri, G. X-Rays, ionized gas, and dust in NGC 5846
S186-059P Goudfrooij, P. et al. NIR photometry of GCs in three giant Es
S186-012P Grebel, E. Constraints on int/mer from DSph galaxies and globular clusters
S186-177P Hanami, H. SF and merging history at high-z with hierarchical models
S186-145P Hashimoto, Y. & Oemler, A. Env. and SF for gals in Las Campanas z-survey
S186-041P Hau, G. et al. S.F. history in a shell-E with kinematically distinct core
S186-142P Heller, A., et al. Dwarf Galaxies: what triggers the starbursts
S186-147P Henriksen, M. & Cousineau, S. An X-ray survey of galaxies in pairs (Withdrawn)
S186-146P Henriksen, M. & Haugen, J. Simulations of a disk in cluster grav. field (Withdrawn)
S186-132T Hickson, P. Interactions in compact groups
S186-079P Hopkins, A. & Cram, L Star-forming activity in the Arp-Madore galaxies
S186-178P Huang, K. The high-resolution spectrum of Mkn 679
S186-115P Hutchings, J. CFHT adaptive optics imaging of active galaxies
S186-082P Hwang, C. et al. LIGs in a merging sequence:ISO observations
S186-007T Ibata, R. Nature and fate of the Sagitarius dwarf galaxy
S186-190P Infante, L. et al. Study of clustering properties of faint galaxies
S186-148P Iovino, A. et al. Automated sample of compact groups:lab for interactions
S186-149P Iye, M. & Ozawa, T. Large vel. grad. in Coma + spin orientation in Virgo
S186-071T Jog, C. Molecular gas in starbursts-theory
S186-116P Jogee, S. et al. The nuclear CO bar and starburst-driven outflow of N2782
S186-061P Kan-ya, Y. & Inagaki, S. Interactios in spherical collisionless systems
S186-084P Kandalian, R. Gas content of Markarian starburst galaxies
S186-005T Karachentsev, I. & Makarov, D. Galaxy interactions in the Local Volume
S186-189T Kauffmann, G. Interactions/mergers as determinants of galaxy morphology
S186-136T Kenney, J. Environmental extremists in the Virgo cluster
S186-117P Kollatschny, W. Merging galaxies with active nuclei
S186-174T Koo, D. The high-z population of field galaxies
S186-085P Korchagin, V. et al. Brightness gradients and ring waves of star formation
S186-086P Korchagin, V. et al. Formation of gas plumes in head-on gal. collisions
S186-150P Kuneva, I. et al. Correlation functions of groups of galaxies
S186-151P Kurtanidze, O. & Nikolashvilli, M. CCD survey field & cluster interactions
S186-087P Kurth, O. Young star clusters in merging galaxies
S186-137T Lake G. & Moore, B. Galaxy harassment
S186-088P Lamb, S. Galaxy collision-induced starburst arcs and rings
S186-118P Ledlow, M. et al. Detection of Powerful FRI source in a spiral
S186-152P Ledlow, M. et al. The X-ray properties of rich & poor clusters from ROSAT
S186-119P Lee, H. UV flourescent emission from molecular hydrogen in AGN
S186-062P Lee, M. & Geisler, D. Origin of high specific frequency GC systems
S186-072T Leitherer, C. IMF in starbursts
S186-153P Leon, S. et al. Molecular gas in galaxies of Hickson compact groups
S186-030P Lisenfeld, U. et al. Radio observations of NGC 1961:interaction or merger
S186-154P Maia, M. & Willmer, C. HI deficiency in galaxies of loose groups
S186-100T McCarthy, P. Surveys of radio galaxies
S186-120P McGregor, P. & vanBreugel, W. Intermediate Radio-loud IRAS galaxies
S186-133T Menon, T. Radio diagnostics of galaxy interactions
S186-066T Mihos, C. Gas Dynamics in Mergers
S186-023T Mirabel, I. & Duc, P. Tidal dwarf galaxies
S186-089P Mirabel, I. et al. First ISO results on interacting galaxies
S186-121P Misaki, M. et al. X-ray study of ULIGs
S186-042P Missoulis, V Ang. mom. transfer due to galactic winds and cooling flows
S186-013P Missoulis, V. et al. Mass and lum. of star complexes in the LMC: IR fluxes
S186-202P Miwa, S. & Noguchi, M. Dynamical properties of tidally induced bars
S186-191P Miyahata, K. & Ikeuchi, S. Origin of Lya clouds and gas extent of galaxies
S186-122P Mundell, C. HI studies of interacting Seyfert galaxies
S186-014P Murai, T. The Magel. Stream and the halo mass of the Galaxy out to 100kpc
S186-192P Murakami, I. Metal enrichment of Lya clouds and intergalactic medium
S186-193P Murakami, I. & Babul, A. Evol. of dwarf gals in high pressure environments
S186-194P Nagashima, M. & Gouda, N. Spat. correl.+ merger trees of dark matter halos
S186-103T Nakagawa, T. et al ASCA observations of LIGs:starbursts vs AGNs
S186-123P Nakanishi, K. et al. NIR observations of a type-2 QSO at z=0.9
S186-043P Namboodiri, P Spin angular momentum of merger remnants of Sph galaxies
S186-173T Navarro, J. Models compared with HDF galaxies
S186-015P Ng, Y. Are the bulge carbon stars related to the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy
S186-016P Ninkovic, S On the orbits of the Milky Way satellites in the Local Group
S186-157P Nishiura, S. et al. The K-band LF of the Hickson Compact Groups of gals
S186-176T Noguchi, M. Dynamics and Interactions of High-z Galaxies
S186-124P Norris, R. Compact cores in Seyferts and starbursts
S186-063P Nuritdinov, S. Formation of Es: what mode has a highest increment
S186-125P Ohta, R. et al. CO observations of high-z objects
S186-158P Ohyama, Y. et al. Star form. in tidal arms of Stephans Quintet galaxies
S186-126P Orndahl, E. et al. Host galaxies of intermediate redshift RLQs and RQQs
S186-127P Palumbo, G. et al. Seyfert galaxies in pairs and compact groups
S186-031P Peng, B. et al. Dwarf galaxy NGC 3782 at 21cm
S186-039T Pfenniger, D. Making of spirals with counter-rotating disks
S186-094T Phinney, E. The fueling of AGN at high and low redshifts
S186-159P Plana, H. et al. Kinematics of gas in compact group elliptical galaxies
S186-162P Popescu, N. & Suran, M. Env. effects in clusters using N-body simulations
S186-040T Prada, F. Counterrotation through the Hubble Sequence
S186-032P Reshetnikov, V. Local and high-redshift polar-ring galaxies
S186-184T Rottgering, H. Most distant RGs:probes of massive galaxy formation
S186-179P Roukema, B. On the angular correlation functions of the HDF
S186-024T Sancisi, R. Interaction signatures in HI
S186-095T Sanders, D. Ultraluminous infrared galaxies
S186-128P Saxena, P. Far-infrared properties of IRAS QSOs
S186-090P Schaerer, D. & Vacca, W. Models for W-R and O-stars in young starbursts
S186-048T Schiminovich, D. et al. HI observations of shell galaxies
S186-001T Schweizer, F. Overview - low-z observations
S186-097T Scoville, N. Molecular gas in Luminous galactic nuclei
S186-160P Shao, Z. & Zhao, J. Substructures in clusters of galaxies: mixture models
S186-017P Shimada, M. Compressive effects on the Gal. GCs by grav. disk shocking
S186-161P Shimada, M. et al. Nuclear activity in the Hickson compact groups
S186-064P Shioya, Y. & Bekki, K. Stellar population of dissipative merger
S186-195P Snellen, I. et al. Cosmo. evolution of GHz-peaked spectrum radio sources
S186-186T Solomon, P. Molecular Gas at High-Z
S186-091P Song, G. The inflow of molecular matter in interacting galaxies
S186-018P Stanimirovic, S. et al. An HI study of the Magellanic bridge
S186-200T Stockman, H. & Mather, J. NGST: seeing the first stars and galaxies form
S186-099T Stockton, A. Interactions, mergers, and QSO activity
S186-033P Struck, C. Star formation in collisions between 2 gas-rich disk galaxies
S186-092P Sugai, H. et al. Near-infrared line observations of starburst galaxies
S186-129P Surace, J. & Sanders, D. High-res tip/tilt NIR imaging of warm ULIGs
S186-163P Suran, M. & Popescu, N. Color gradients in clusters of galaxies
S186-180P Takeuchi, T. et al. FIR galaxy counts expected in the IRIS survey
S186-196P Tanaka, I. et al. Clustering of red galaxies near a RQQ at z=1.086
S186-076T Taniguchi, Y. et al. Triggered starbursts in galactic nuclei and mergers
S186-164P Tawara, Y. et al. ASCA observations of 4 groups of galaxies
S186-044P Terasawa, N. Nonlinear analysis of the density wave
S186-034P Thomson, R. & Laine, S. An interaction model of M81, M82, and NGC 3077
S186-181P Trevese, D. et al. A search for extended objects with variable nuclei
S186-165P Tsuchiya, T. Evolution of subclumps during collapse of a cluster
S186-065P Turnbull, A. et al. Shell formation in NGC 474
S186-045P Vega Beltran, J. et al. Nuclear counterrotation in NGC 4698 and IC 4889
S186-096T Veilleux, S. Spectroscopy of luminous infrared galaxies
S186-021P Wada, T. et al. A near-infrared survey of the LMC
S186-167P Wambsganss, J. & Schindler, S. ROSAT obs of clusters CL0939+472, CL0500-24
S186-093P Watarai, H. et al. ASCA observations of luminous IR starbursts
S186-168P White, N. Numerical simulations of the X-ray properties of compact groups
S186-201T White, S. Interactions, activity, and galactic evolution
S186-074T Whitmore, B. Evolution of globular cluster systems
S186-134T Williams, B. & vanGorkom, J. HI imaging of compact groups
S186-199P Williams, P. & Nelson, A. Form. of bulges and disks in late-type spirals
S186-198P Williams, P. & Nelson, A. Initial cond. vs morph. in late-type spirals
S186-130P Wu, H. et al. Stat. spectroscopic study of very luminous IRAS galaxies
S186-169P Xia, X. & Deng, Z. Evolution connection between compact groups and ULIGs
S186-131P Yamada, T. et al. ASCA obs. of a type-2 quasar RXJ13434+0001 at z=2.35
S186-022P Yoshizawa, A. & Noguchi, M. N-body simulation of the SMC with gas+stars
S186-068T Young, J. Molecular gas in starbursts-obs
S186-170P Yuan, Q. et al. Post-form effects on gal orient. in the local supercluster
S186-009T Yun, M. et al. Tidal disruptions of Galaxies in the M81 group
S186-029T Zabludoff, A. & Zaritsky, D. Environment and evolution of E+A galaxies
S186-028T Zaritsky, D. Lopsidedmess and the satellite accretion rate
S186-049T Zepf, S. Globular clusters in ellipticals
S186-182P Zhang, X. Hubble sequence as a temporal evolution sequence
S186-171P Zirbel, E. et al. Galaxy interactions in groups of galaxies
S186-143P deCarvalho, R. et al. Faint end of the LF for Hickson Group gals
S186-156P deMello, D. et al. Environmental effects in galaxies - the molecular gas
S186-019P van Driel, W. et al. An HI line search for dwarf galaxys in the M81 group
S186-035P van Driel, W. et al. An HI line study of polar ring galaxies
S186-020P van Woerden, H. et al. The high-velocity clouds:galactic or intergalactic
S186-135T vanGorkom, J. Interactions and Mergers at Low-z
S186-102T vanderMarel, R Relics of nuclear activity
S186-098T vanderWerf, P. & Israel, F. The nuclear ISM in ULIGs
S186-197P vanderWerf, P. et al. Survey for Ha em from starbursts at z=2.2-2.4