IAU Symposium Abstract S186-013P

The total mass and luminosity of stellar complexes in the LMC. The expected IR fluxes.
V.Missoulis1, M.Kontizas2, E.Kontizas1

1Astronomical Institute, National Observatory of Athens < missoulis@titan.astro.noa.gr >
2Department of physics, National university of Athens < mkontiza@atlas.uoa.gr >

Taking into account the star counts and spectral classification in the LMC Shapley's constellations and the recent ideas of the stellar evolution we make a rough estimation of the mass and the total luminosity of these constellations by the assumption of a power law initial mass function (IMF). Any deviation of the power law for the small masses will be evident by the infrared observations. We estimate theoretically the luminosity of these constellations at 3 far-infrared bands (6.7, 15, 90 mu) by using several assumptions of the behaviour of the IMF at the small masses. Comparison of the results with future infrared observations will give approximation of the IMF at the range of the small masses.