IAU Symposium Abstract S186-018P

An HI study of the Magellanic Bridge

S. Stanimirovic1, R.F. Haynes2, G.L. White1, P.A. Jones1, J.M. Dickey2, L. Staveley-Smith2 and M.D. Filipovic1
1 University of Western Sydney Nepean, Australia < snezana@st.nepean.uws.edu.au >
2 Australia Telescope National Facility, CSIRO, Australia < rhaynes@atnf.csiro.au >

We present results from an HI mosaic of a region of the Magellanic Bridge which contains the outer Shepley's Wing and is adjacent to the Small Magellanic Cloud. The mosaic contains 330 separate pointings with the 122 m array of the Australia Telescope Compact Array. This configuration has been chosen to provide an angular resolution of 5 arcmin. We have probed the presence of the small-to intermediate-scale HI structure. The images show a remarkable variety of the HI structure, seen as: bubbles, supershells, arks, knots, filaments. Such structures have not been seen in the ISM between any other system of interacting galaxies before. To further study HI gaseous content, we have mapped this region with the Parkes telescope to provide the short-spacing correction. We present here first results of the HI study of the combined interferometer and single-dish data and its possible relationship to the stellar content of this region.