IAU Symposium Abstract S186-022P

N-body simulation of the Small Magellanic Cloud considering gas dynamics and star formation process

1 Astronomical Institute, Tohoku University < akira@astr.tohoku.ac.jp, noguchi@astr.tohoku.ac.jp >

The system of the Magellanic Clouds(MCs) is considered to be dynamically interacting with our Galaxy. This interaction is thought to be the cause of many complicated features seen in MCs and the Magellanic Stream. This is also thought to have a close relationship with star formation history of the Magellanic System, and a numerical study modeling the dynamics and star formation is very important. In order to better understand the Magellanic System, we carry out some new N-body simulations of the SMC, taking into account the effects of the self-gravity, gas dynamics, and the star formation process. Introducing tidal interactions between SMC, LMC, and our Galaxy, we succeeded in reproducing many observational features of the Magellanic System and the star formation process in the vicinity of the SMC. It seems that non-gravitational process (such as ram pressure stripping) is not required in understanding the history of the Magellanic System.