IAU Symposium Abstract S186-035P

An HI line study of polar ring galaxies

W.~van Driel1, L. Sparke2, F. Combes3, M. Arnaboldi4
1 USN, Observatoire de Paris, France (vandriel@mesioq.obspm.fr)
2 University of Wisconsin-Madison, U.S.A.
3 DEMIRM, Observatoire de Paris, France
4 Mt. Stromlo and Siding Spring Observatories,Australia

A total of 49 optically selected polar ring galaxies and polar ring galaxy candidates were observed in the 21-cm HI line with the Nan\c{c}ay decimetric radio telescope. Of these, 15 had not previously been observed or detected in the HI line. The objects, selected by their optical morphology, are all north of declination -39 degrees, and generally relatively nearby (V < 8000 kms) and/or bright (mB<15.5). 33 of them were detected. An analysis is being made made of the data of all 74 galaxies observed for our polar ring galaxy HI survey with either the Green Bank, Effelsberg or Nan\c{c}ay radio telescopes, of which 62 were detected in the HI line. We also obtained additional optical spectrography and CCD imaging for a number of objects. Our goals are: