IAU Symposium Abstract S186-042P

Angular momentum transfer due to galactic winds and cooling flows

1 Astronomical Institute, National Observatory of Athens < missoulis@titan.astro.noa.gr >

The interaction of a slowly rotating halo with an early galactic superwind is investigated. Two cases of the halo are assumed: a) rich in cold clouds, b) constituted by diffuse gas. In the first case, the clouds evaporate due to the shock-wave and their matter is mixed with the wind to a uniform mixture. In the second case, a cold shell is formed at large distance from the center. Fragmentation of this shell leads to the appearance of a stellar shell whereas the remaining clouds are free-falling to the center of the system. In both cases a strong redistribution of the mass is taking place which leads to angular momentum transfer from the outer to the inner regions. Some applications of the above mechanisms to the structure of the disk of spiral galaxies are discussed.