IAU Symposium Abstract S186-057P

Multimodal Color Distributions in the Globular Cluster Systems of Elliptical Galaxies

D. Geisler1 and M.G. Lee2
1National Optical Astronomy Observatories, USA <dgeisler@noao.edu>
2Seoul National University, Department of Astronomy, Korea <mglee@astrog.snu.ac.kr>

We will discuss the current status of our knowledge of the presence or absence and nature of multimodality in the color distributions of the globular cluster systems of elliptical galaxies. The focus will be on old globular cluster systems and our own work in the Washington photometric system but we will also summarize recent results based on observations in other photometric systems. New results will be presented on the globular cluster systems of NGC 4696 and several Virgo giant ellipticals. Emphasis will be on the observations and their comparison to the predictions of merger scenarios for globular cluster formation, and what such color distributions can tell us about globular cluster and galaxy formation.