IAU Symposium Abstract S186-076T

Triggered Starbursts in Galactic Nuclei and Galaxy Mergers

Y. Taniguchi1, K. Wada2, T. Murayama1, Y. Shioya1
1 Astronmical Inst., Tohoku Univ. < tani, murayama, shioya @astroa.astr.tohoku.ac.jp >
2 Center for Information Processing Education, Hokkaido Univ. < wada@ hipecs.hokudai.ac.jp >

We present a unified formation mechanism of nuclear starbursts based on an idea that all the nuclear starbursts are triggered by binary supermassive black holes made in the final phase of galaxy mergers. Minor mergers cause both nuclear starbursts and hot-spot nuclei while major mergers cause (ultra)luminous infrared galaxies.