IAU Symposium Abstract S186-087P

Young Star Clusters in Merging Galaxies

O. M. Kurth
Universit\"atssternwarte Goettingen, Germany okurth@uni-sw.gwdg.de

In last years, many young star clusters have been observed in merging galaxies. These clusters are excellent tracers for the evolution of starbursts of these galaxies in space and time. They are also important for the formation of elliptical galaxies: the formation of a large number of GCs can explain the higher specific GC frequency in elliptical galaxies if they are formed by mergers. With evolutionary synthesis models (ESMs) we try to age-date the clusters by their color and luminosity to examine the star formation (SF) history of the interacting systems. We will compare the so found SF history with the results found by ESM of the optical spectra of the individual galactic systems.