IAU Symposium Abstract S186-092P

Near-infrared Line Observations of Starburst Galaxies

H. Sugai1, M. A. Malkan2, M. J. Ward3 R. I. Davies4, I. S. McLean2
1 Kyoto University, Japan < sugai@kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp >
2 University of California at Los Angeles, USA < malkan@bonnie.astro.ucla.edu >
3 University of Leicester, UK < mjw@star.le.ac.uk >
4 Nuclear Physics Laboratory, UK < rid@astro.ox.ac.uk >

Recent near-infrared line observations have revealed various properties of active galaxies, including starburst structure, star-forming history, and effects of galaxy-galaxy interactions on their activities (e.g., Sugai et al. 1997, 1996). These works demonstrated, in particular, the importance of observations which cover wide ranges of wavelengths and also those with high spatial resolution. This is because various phenomena, including HII regions, photodissociation regions, shocks from a galaxy-galaxy collision, and supernova remnants, are otherwise difficult to distinguish. In order to extend this course of detailed works for more reasonable size of sample galaxies, we observed active galaxies by using UCO 3m telescope + UCLA double-beam camera (grism spectroscopic mode) and UKIRT 4m telescope + IRCAM3 (Fabry-Perot line imaging mode). We show results of starburst galaxies, including nearby ones and Markarian galaxies with multiple nuclei. We emphasize particularly where the emission lines originate, what excites them, and on the connection between galaxy interactions and their activities.