IAU Symposium Abstract S186-093P

ASCA Observations of Luminous Infrared Starburst Galaxies

H. Watarai1, K. Misaki2, Y. Terasima3
and T. Nakagawa4
1-3 Department of Astrophysics, Nagoya University, Japan
1 < watarai@toyo.phys.nagoya-u.ac.jp >
2 < misaki@satio.phys.nagoya-u.ac.jp >
3 < terasima@satio.phys.nagoya-u.ac.jp >
4 Institute of Space and Astronautical Science, Japan < nakagawa@koala.astro.isas.ac.jp >

We present recent results of X-ray observations of two luminous infrared galaxies, NGC3690+IC694(Arp299) and NGC1614 obtained by the Japanese X-ray astronomical satellite ASCA. Both galaxies have quite high infrared luminosity (>1011 Lsun) and strong evidence of merger. The soft X-ray component of these galaxies shows the feature of thermal hot plasma (T = 1 keV) and the ratio of far-infrared luminosity to X-ray is 10-4. These characteristics are quite similar with those of nearby typical starburst galaxies. On the other hand, hard X-ray spectra of these galaxies show no sign of hidden AGN activities. These results means even the huge infrared luminosity can be explained by active star formation. Comparisons with other infrared luminous galaxies will be discussed also in this poster.