IAU Symposium 186
Galaxy Interactions at Low and High Redshift
26-30 August, 1997
Kyoto, Japan

Supporting Commission: 28 (Galaxies)
C0-Supporting Commissions
33 (Structure & dynamics of the galactic system), 34 (Interstellar matter), 37 (Star clusters & Associations), 44 (Space & high energy astrophysics)
L. Aguilar (Mexico), J. Barnes (USA), F. Combes(France),G. Efstathiou(UK), R. Ellis (UK), K. Freeman (Australia), I. Karachentsev (Russia), I. Mirabel (France), M. Noguchi (Japan), D. Sanders (Chair, USA), F. Schweizer (USA), J. vanGorkom (USA), V. Trimble (IAU), S. White (Germany)
LOC contact: Y. Taniguchi (Japan)

Contact address:
D. B. Sanders
Institute for Astronomy
University of Hawaii
2680 Woodlawn Drive
Honolulu, HI 96822, USA
Phone: 1 808 956 5055
FAX: 1 808 956 9580
e-mail: sanders@ifa.hawaii.edu

The emphasis of this Symposium will be on the large body of new ground-based and spacecraft observations which implicate interactions/mergers in galactic activity (starbursts and AGN) and galaxy evolution, and on the latest theoretical models which unify these apparently diverse phenomena. The basic theme will be the development of a new cosmological perspective on interacting galaxies, tracing the effects of interactions/mergers from the current epoch back toward high redshifts.

****** Final Program (8/23/97) *******

Tuesday August 26, afternoon:
1.0. Overview
14:00 Introductory remarks
14:05 Overview - Low-z Observations F. Schweizer(US)
14:35 Overview - High-z Observations R. Abraham(UK)
15:05 Overview - Theory C. Frenk(UK)
2.0. The Local Group (z = 0)
16:00 Formation of the Local Group K. Freeman(Australia)
16:20 Interactions in the Local Complex of Galaxies I. Karachentsev(Russia)
16:40 Dynamics of the Magellanic system M. Fujimoto(Japan)
17:00 Nature&fate of the Sagittarius dwarf R. Ibata(Canada)
17:00 Moving groups in the Galactic halo L. Aguilar(Mexico)
Wednesday August 27, morning;
3.0. Tidal Interactions
9:00 Dwarf galaxies in tidal tails I. Mirabel(France)
9:20 Interaction signatures in HI R. Sancisi(Netherlands)
9:40 The M81 group at 21 cm M. Yun(USA)
10:00 Extended gas in interacting systems F. Combes(France)
10:20 ISOCAM Observations of The Antennae and CenA L. Vigroux(France)
11:00 Collisional Rings P. Appleton(USA)
11:25 Numerical simulations of the M51 system A. Nelson(UK)
11:45 Accretion of satellites D. Zaritsky(USA)
12:05 E+A galaxies A. Zabludoff(USA)
Wednesday August 27, afternoon;
*** Closing session of the General Assembly and (free) banquet.***
Thursday August 28, morning
4.0. Mergers and Counter-rotation
9:00 Dynamics of merger remnants J. Barnes(USA)
9:25 Properties of multiple merger remnants L. Athanassoula(France)
9:40 Counterrotating gas and stars F. Bertola(Italy)
10:05 Making of spirals with counter-rotating disks D. Pfenniger(Sweden)
10:20 Counterrotation through the Hubble sequence F. Prada(Spain)
5.0. Mergers and Ellipticals
11:00 Structure of normal ellipticals M. Franx(Netherlands)
11:25 Fundamental plane and merger scenario K. Bekki(Japan)
1:40 Shells, ripples & plumes D. Carter(UK)
12:00 HI observations of shell galaxies D. Schiminovich(USA)
12:15 Globular clusters in ellipticals S. Zepf(USA)
Thursday August 28, afternoon
14:00 Globular clusters in Es:constraints of mergers D. Forbes(USA)
6.0. Starbursts (Global & Local)
14:15 Gas Dynamics in Mergers C. Mihos(USA)
14:35 Fueling nuclear starbursts in mergers J. Gerritsen(USA)
14:50 Molecular gas in starbursts-obs J. Young(USA)
15:10 CO observations of LIGs in a merger sequence Y. Gao(USA)
15:25 Changes in mol cloud properties in Arp 299 S. Aalto(Sweden)
16:0 Molecular gas in starbursts-theory C. Jog(India)
16:20 IMF in starbursts C. Leitherer(USA)
16:40 Evolution of globular cluster systems B. Whitmore(USA)
17:00 Young star clusters in The Antennae vonAlvensleben(France)
17:15 Molecular gas in Luminous galactic nuclei N. Scoville (USA)
Friday August 29, morning
7.0. Nuclear Activity
9:00 Fueling requirements for AGNs S. Phinney(USA)
9:20 Ultraluminous infrared galaxies D. Sanders(USA)
9:30 Spectroscopy of luminous infrared galaxies S. Veilleux(USA)
9:45 HST imaging survey of ULIGs L. Colina(USA)
10:00 The nuclear ISM in ULIGs P. vanderWerf(Netherlands)
10:15 Triggered starbursts in gal. nuclei by mergers Y. Taniguchi(Japan)
11:00 Surveys of QSOs/Hosts A. Stockton(USA)
11:25 Surveys of radio galaxies P. McCarthy(USA)
11:50Unified scheme for Seyferts vs interactions D. Dultzin(Mexico)
12:05 Relics of nuclear activity R. vanderMarel(USA)
12:20 ASCA observations of LIGs:starbursts vs AGNs? T. Nakagawa(Japan)
8.0. Groups & Clusters
14:00 Compact Groups P. Hickson(Canada)
14:20 Interactions and Mergers at Low-z J. vanGorkom(USA)
14:40 Kinematic HI signatures in groups B. Williams(USA)
15:00 Radio diagnostics of galaxy interactions T. Menon(Canada)
15:15 Environmental extremists in the Virgo cluster J. Kenney(USA)
15:30 Galaxy harassment G. Lake(USA)
9.0. Deep Fields
16:00 The HDF/MDS R. Blandford(USA)
16:30 The high-z population of galaxies D. Koo(USA)
16:55 Molecular Gas at High-Z P. Solomon(USA)
17:15 Dynamics and Interactions of High-z Galaxies M. Noguchi(Japan)
Saturday August 30, morning
10.0. Galaxy evolution with redshift
9:00 Starburst populations G. Bruzual(Venezuela)
9:25 Searches for emission lines in normal galaxies at z = 1-1.5 K. Glazebrook(Australia)
9:40 Near-ir spectra of dust-enshrouded high-z QSOs E. Egami(Germany)
10:10 Interactions/mergers as determinants of galaxy morphology G. Kauffmann(Germany)
11.0. Prospects & Theoretical Perspectives
11:00 Beyond the HDF -- the NGST P. Stockman(USA)
11:30 Interactions, activity, and galactic evolution S. White(Germany)

Ample space will be allowed for posters. In addition to oral contributions, poster abstracts will be included in the published proceedings.

For a description of all the posters, go here.