IAU Symposium 186
Galaxy Interactions at Low and High Redshift
26-30 August, 1997
Kyoto, Japan

J. Allington-Smith Durham UK The evolution of galaxies in poor groups.
J. Anosova Texas US Dynamical Explorations of Nuclear Structures in Barred Galaxies
A. Aragon-Salamanca IoA UK The K-band Hubble diagram for the brightest cluster galaxies: a test for galaxy formation and evolution models.
T. Arshakian Byurakan AM On the possible existence of two groups of classical double radio sources
E. Ardi Kyoto JP Distribution of stochastic forces in gravitationally
clustered system of galaxies.
T. Armandroff KPNO US The star formation history of the Sagittarius Dwarf
A. Baker Saclay FR The fate of ultra-luminous mergers.
B. Boyle AAO AU The host galaxies of X-ray selected AGN.
E. Brinks U.Guan MX Ocular galaxies: NGC2535 and its starburst companion NGC2536
J. Brodie UCSC US Keck spectroscopy of protoglobular clusters in the merger galaxies NGC1275, NGC6052, and Arp222.
N. Brosch TelAv IL Dwarf Galaxies: what triggers the starbursts ?
M. Bureau ANU AU Formation of boxy/peanut-shaped bulges in spiral galaxies:
accretion or bar-instability ?
N. Bystrova StPet RU New data from the Ratan-600 observations of the Magellanic Stream.
T. Chatterjee Puebla MX Trends in galaxy formation and evolution in the context of the
Virial and fundamental planes.
T. Chatterjee Puebla MX The character of embedded rings.
D. Clements IAP FR The nature of ultraluminous IRAS galaxies.
D. Clements IAP FR The host galaxies of IR luminous quasars.
E. Corsini Padova IT Stellar and ionized gas kinematics in Sa galaxies.
L. Cram Sydney AU Star-forming activity in the Arp-Madore galaxies.
R. deCarvalho ObsNac BR The faint end of the luminosity function of galaxies in Hickson Groups
Z. Deng BeijingCN The properties of ultraluminous IRAS Seyfert 1 galaxies.
P. Duc ESO FRG Gas segregation in the interacting system Arp 105
D. Dultzin UNAM MX The interacting Seyfert 2 galaxy UGC 3995A.
A. Evans CIT US Testing the merger hypothesis for powerful radio galaxies.
A. Evans CIT US Near infrared spectroscopy and the search for CO emission in extremely luminous IRAS sources.
J. Fukue Osaka JP Radiative avalanche driven by spherical starbursts.
Y. Funato Tokyo JP On the universality of M-sigma relation of ellipticals.
Y. Gao Ill US CO Observations of luminous infrared galaxies in a merger sequence.
D. Geisler NOAO US Multimodal color distributions in the globular cluster systems of elliptical galaxies.
O. Gerhard Basel CH Anisotropy and dark mass in the elliptical galaxy NGC 6703
W. Godlowski Jag PL Galaxy orientation in some Abell clusters.
P.Goudfrooij STScI US Near-infrared photometry of globular clusters in three
giant elliptical galaxies.
P.Goudfrooij STScI US Associated X-Ray emission, ionized gas, and dust in extinction
in NGC 5846.
E. Grebel Wuerzb FRG Constraints on interactions and mergers from DSph galaxies
and globular clusters.
H. Hanami Iwate JP Star formation and merging history in high-z Universe with
Y. Hashimoto Yale US Investigating the influence of environment on star formation
properties of galaxies using Las Campanas redshift survey.
G. Hau IoA UK The recent star formation history of a shell elliptical with a
kinematically distinct core.
M. Henriksen NDak US Simulations of a disk galaxy in a cluster gravitational field.
M. Henriksen NDak US An X-ray survey of galaxies in pairs.
hierarchical galaxy formation.
K. Huang NanjingCN The high-resolution spectrum of Mkn 679.
J. Hutchings DAO CA CFHT adaptive optics imaging of active galaxies.
C.-Y. Hwang Taipei TW Luminous infrared galaxies in a merging sequence:ISO observations
L. Infante CatolicaCL Study of clustering properties of faint galaxies.
A. Iovino Milano IT A new automated sample of compact groups of galaxies: a
laboratory for galaxy interactions.
M. Iye NAOJ JP Large scale gradient in the velocity field of Coma cluster and
a study of the spin orientation of galaxies in the Virgo cluster.
S. Jogee Yale US The nuclear CO bar and starburst-driven outflow of the peculiar
interacting galaxy NGC 2782.
R. Kandalian Byur AM Gas content of Markarian starburst galaxies.
Y. Kan-ya Kyoto JP The interaction between spherical collisionless systems.
W.Kollatschny Gott FRG Merging galaxies with active nuclei.
V. Korchagin IP RU Formation of gaseous plumes in the head-on collisions of galaxies.
V. Korchagin IP RU Surface brightness gradients produced by the ring waves of star formation.
I. Kuneva Sofia BG Correlation functions of groups of galaxies.
O.Kurtanidze AAO GE A Multiband CCD survey of interacting galaxies in clusters and in the field.
O. Kurth Goet FRG Young star clusters in merging galaxies.
S. Lamb Ill US Galaxy collision-induced starburst arcs and rings: models and
observations compared.
M. Ledlow NMSU US The X-ray properties of rich & poor clusters from the ROSAT all-sky survey.
M. Ledlow NMSU US Detection of a Powerful FRI radio source in a spiral galaxy.
H. W. Lee Seoul KR Ultraviolet flourescent emission from molecular hydrogen in AGN.
M. G. Lee Seoul KR The Origin of high specific frequency globular cluster systems.
S. Leon OBSPM FR Molecular gas in galaxies of Hickson compact groups.
U. Lisenfeld Grana SP Radio continuum observation of the supermassive spiral galaxy NGC 1961:
iteraction with the intergalactic medium or a recent merger ?
M. Maia ONat BR HI deficiency in galaxies of loose groups.
M. Maia ONat BR Distribution of clusters in the Aquarius region.
P. McGregor ANU AU Intermediate Radio-loud IRAS galaxies.
D. deMello STScI US Environmental effects in galaxies - the molecular gas.
F. Mirabel Saclay FR First ISO results on interacting galaxies.
K. Misaki Nagoya JP X-ray study of ultra-luminous infrared galaxies.
V. Missoulis Athens GR Angular momentum transfer due to galactic winds and cooling flows.
V. Missoulis Athens GR The total mass and luminosity of stellar complexes in the LMC:
the expected IR fluxes.
K. Miyahata Osaka JP On the origin of Lya clouds and gaseous extent of galaxies.
C. Mundell NRAL UK HI studies of interacting Seyfert galaxies.
T. Murai Nagoya JP The Magellanic Stream revisited: the halo mass of the Galaxy
in the range of 100 kpc.
I. Murakami NIFS JP Metal enrichment of Lya clouds and intergalactic medium.
I. Murakami NIFS JP Evolution of dwarf galaxies in high pressure environments.
M. Nagashima Osaka JP The effects of spatial correlations on merger trees of dark matter halos.
K. Nakanishi Kyoto JP Near-infrared observations of a type-2 QSO at z=0.9.
P. Namboodiri BangaloIN Spin angular momentum of merger remnants of spherical galaxies.
Y. Ng Padova IT Are the bulge carbon stars related to the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy ?
S. Ninkovic BelgradYU On the orbits of the Milky Way satellites in the Local Group.
S. Nishiura Tohoku JP The K-band luminosity function of the Hickson compact group of galaxies.
R. Norris CSIRO AU Compact cores in Seyferts and starbursts.
S. Nuritdinov Tashk UZ Ellipticals Formation: what mode has a highest increment ?
K. Ohta Kyoto JP CO observations of high-z objects.
Y. Ohyama Tohoku JP Efficient star formation in the tidal arms of Stephans Quintet galaxies.
E. Orndahl UppsalaSE Host galaxies of intermediate redshift radio-loud and radio-quiet quasars.
G. Palumbo IT Seyfert galaxies in pairs and compact groups.
B. Peng BeijingCN Dwarf galaxy NGC 3782 at 21cm.
H. Plana IAG BR Kinematics of the gas in compact group elliptical galaxies.
V. Reshetnikov St.Pet RS Local and high-redshift polar-ring galaxies.
B. Roukema NAOJ JP On the angular correlation functions of the Hubble Deep Field.
P. Saxena LucknowIN Far-infrared properties of IRAS QSOs.
D. Schaerer STScI US New models for Wolf-Rayet and O-star populations in young starbursts.
Z. Shao ShanghaCN Studies on substructures in clusters of galaxies: an application of
mixture models.
M. Shimada Kyoto JP Compressive effects on the Galactic globular clusters by gravitational
disk shocking.
M. Shimada Tohoku JP Nuclear activity in the Hickson compact groups of galaxies.
Y. Shioya Tohoku JP Stellar population of dissipative merger.
I. Snellen Leiden NL The cosmological evolution of GHz-peaked spectrum radio sources.
G. Song ShanghaCN The inflow of molecular matter in interacting galaxies.
S. Stanimirovic UWS AU An HI study of the Magellanic bridge.
C. Struck IowsS US Star formation in collisions between 2 gas-rich disk galaxies.
H. Sugai Kyoto JP Near-infrared line observations of starburst galaxies.
J. Surace IfA US High-resolution tip/tilt Near-infrared imaging of warm ULIGs.
M. Suran AIRA RO Investigation of environmental effects in clusters using N-body simulations.
M. Suran AIRA RO Color gradients in clusters of galaxies.
T. Takeuchi Kyoto JP Far-infrared galaxy counts expected in the IRIS survey.
I. Tanaka Tohoku JP Clustering of red galaxies near a Radio-quiet quasar at z=1.086.
Y. Tawara Nagoya JP ASCA observations of 4 groups of galaxies.
N. Terasawa IPCR JP Nonlinear analysis of the density wave.
R. Thomson Herts UK An interaction model of M81, M82, and NGC 3077.
D. Trevese Rome IT A search for extended objects with variable nuclei.
T. Tsuchiya Kyoto JP Evolution of subclumps during collapse of a cluster.
A. Turnbull Herts UK Shell formation in NGC 474.
P. van der Werf Leiden NL A new large survey for Ha emission from starburst galaxies at z=2.2-2.4.
W. van Driel OBSPM FR An HI line search for optically selected dwarf galaxy candidates in the M81 group.
W. van Driel OBSPM FR An HI line study of polar ring galaxies.
H. van Woerden Gron NL The high-velocity clouds: galactic or intergalactic ?
I. Vavilova Kiev UA A behaviour of luminosity function of galaxy clusters and groups from the
digitized Jagiellonian survey.
J. Vega Beltran Padova IT Nuclear stellar counterrotation in early-type disk galaxies: NGC 4698 and IC 4889.
wavelet decomposition of ROSAT PSPC data.
T. Wada Tokyo JP A near-infrared survey of the LMC.
J. Wambsganss PotsdamDE ROSAT observations of galaxy clusters CL0939+472 and CL0500-24.
H. Watarai Nagoya JP ASCA observations of luminous infrared starburst galaxies.
N. White CardiffUK Numerical simulations of the X-ray properties of compact groups of galaxies.
P. Williams CardiffUK The relationship between initial conditions and morphology in late-type spirals:
numerical simulations.
P. Williams CardiffUK The formation of bulges and disks in late-type spirals: numerical simulations.
H. Wu BeijingCN Statistical spectroscopic study of very luminous IRAS galaxies.
X. Xia TianjinCN The possible evolution connection between compact groups of galaxies and
ultraluminous IRAS galaxies.
T. Yamada Tohoku JP ASCA observations of a type-2 quasar RXJ13434+0001 at z=2.35.
A. Yoshizawa Tohoku JP N-body simulation of the SMC considering gas dynamics and star formation.
Q. Yuan BeijingCN Post-formation effects on galactic orientation within the local supercluster.
X. Zhang CfA US Hubble sequence as a temporal evolution sequence.
E. Zirbel Haverf US Galaxy interactions in groups of galaxies.