IAU Symposium 186
Galaxy Interactions at Low and High Redshift

26-30 August, 1997
Kyoto, Japan

Notes on the format of presentations and available facilities.

The IAU LOC has set up their own page with additional details.


Overhead Projectors: There will be 2 overhead projectors available.
Video Projectors: There will not be a video projector in the conference room. Video will be available for posters - see below.
Slide Projectors: There will be a slide projector available. The LOC assistants (grad students) will be in charge of this. Therefore, all speakers with slides must contact the assistants and give them the slides at least 10 minutes before the start of the session. The slides should be marked with a red dot in the upper left corner in order to facilitate proper loading. The speaker should pick up the slides after the end of the session. Any slides left behind will be sent to the information/LOC desk. Because of the extra overhead involved with handling slides, the LOC is offering a free slide to overhead transparency conversion. Please contact the LOC.
Microphones:There will be a wireless microphone for the speaker. Several stand mikes will be placed in the conference room. The audience can approach these in order to ask questions.
Q&A Sheets: Q&A sheets will be hung on the microphones. These should be filled in by the questioners and later given to the session chair.

The poster area will be 90cm x 90cm.

The posters will be displayed on:
August 25-27: 010P-045P; 203L-205L
August 28-30: 052P-202P; 206L

A small number of video monitors will be available in the poster area for video presentations. All tapes must be in VHS format (and not S-VHS), and they must be NTSC (not PAL). Be sure to contact the LOC and the session chair, since the number of video units is limited.