IAU Symposium 186
Galaxy Interactions at Low and High Redshift
26-30 August, 1997
Kyoto, Japan

Instructions for Submitting Conference Proceedings

  1. Deadline for submitting written contributions is 1 Nov, 1997.
  2. Page Limits:
  3. Format: All contributions for the Proceedings must be prepared using LaTex and the proper Kluwer style and doc macros, which are available through this Web site . If you cannot successfully retrieve the .sty and .doc files then send an email to sanders@ifa.hawaii.edu and they will be sent to you via return e-mail.
  4. Submission: all authors must electronically submit the original .tex file and any included figures as separate files (any tables that for some reason have not been directly embedded in the text also need to be sent as separate files). Authors are also encouraged to send an electronic postscript version of their paper and/or a hardcopy. In all cases (but mandatory for large files), ftp is preferred over Email (unless proper uuencoding procedures are used to prevent truncation). Follow theinstructions below for ftp, and include a README file to describe the files enclosed in the subdirectory you have created. Both UNIX COMPRESSed (.Z) and GZIPped (.gz) files can be accommodated. For cases where the figures have not been electronically embedded in the text, please send a camera ready hardcopy of the paper via regular mail so that there is no confusion about how the layout should appear. Please e-mail a note to sanders@ifa.hawaii.edu stating that you have sent your submission.
  5. Consent to Publish Form: a .ps version of the Kluwer consent to publish form is now available. Download it, print it out and sign, and return via regular mail to the above mail address with a camera ready xerox copy of your article. You can download the form as raw postscript (1.9 meg) or gzipped postscript (150 kb). You should be able to print the postscript directly, i.e. "lpr consent.ps".

electronic address: sanders@ifa.hawaii.edu
mail address: D. B. Sanders
IfA, Univ. of Hawaii
2680 Woodlawn Drive
Honolulu, HI 96822
anonymous FTP: ftp hubble.ifa.hawaii.edu
login: anonymous
password: your e-mail address
cd /pub/INCOMING/S186
mkdir directory %your last name
cd directory
put article.tex
put article.ps