IAU 234: Planetary Nebulae



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Publication guidelines

For the Proceedings, use must be made of style-files provided by the IAU Publisher, Cambridge University Press. The Proceedings will be made available electronically and in book form.

A Style File (iaus.cls) and Instructions for Authors (README.txt) can be found at:       

Alternatively, you may download the files from our own server:        

The deadline for receipt of the final manuscript files is 3 May 2006. The editors intend to honor the IAU guidelines that require the Proceedings to be published in 2006. If your paper is not received by the deadline, you risk not having it included in the Proceedings.

The page limit for invited reviews is 8 pages; for other talks, 4 pages; and for posters, 2 pages. You must stick to these limits, since there is an upper limit to the total number of pages in the Proceedings.

How to name your files

Please name your paper as follows: Please make a tar file that includes your text, any illustrations, and a readme file with any comments you have. Please name your files as follows:

Type of File Format Example
text file (in LaTeX)   lastname.tex smith.tex
figure  lastnamef#.eps  smithf1.eps
readme lastname.readme   smith.readme
tar   lastname_initial.tar smith_t.tar

If you are the first author of more than one paper, add a number after your name, e.g., smith1.tex, smith2.tex, smith2f1.eps, smith2.readme, smith_t2.tar, etc. If you find an error in your paper after you have submitted it and want to resubmit it, please use the same file names with a version number, e.g., lastname_v2.tex, lastnamef#_v2.eps, lastname_initial_v2.tar. If you have any questions about these instructions, please email

LaTeX questions

If you have questions about the LaTeX style file, please check . If the answer is not there, you may email Louise Good at . She will try to find a solution. Note that her office hours are Monday through Friday from 7:30 to 4:30 Hawaii time (UT -10) Please use the subject line "latex question".


Please note that the above instructions for authors includes information about figures. Authors are free to include their preferred graphics package in their LaTeX file (e.g., epsf, graphics, or graphicx).

The Proceedings book will be printed in black and white. The electronic version can include color figures. Please be sure that information from color figures "translates" into black and white for the printed version. You may wish to insert a footnote at the beginning of a paper to point to the online version as being the one that presents the illustration(s) in color.

Note: PowerPoint degrades placed art to screen preview resolution and cannot be used for offset press. Authors should use their original figure to make the .eps files required by LaTeX. Continuous tone images (photographs) need to have a resolution of 300 dpi at the size they will be printed.

How to submit your tar file(s)

Send an email to with the subject line

                request iau234 upload

You will receive an automatic reply that gives you an FTP address and directory.

On your computer, go to the directory where the tar file is.

       cd (directory with tar file)

Use FTP software (regular FTP, not SFTP) or FTP command to go to the address in the automatic reply email:


Login as


Use your email address as your password.

Change directory to the one provided in the automatic reply email:

       cd (name of directory)

Switch to binary mode


Computer responds "Type set to I"

upload your tar file, one tar file for each paper

       put filename.tar

When you are finished uploading, quit FTP


Those using Macintosh computers may use "Fetch" or similar software.