IAU 234: Planetary Nebulae



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Invited Reviews

Milky Way and Magellanic Cloud surveys for planetary nebulae: Q. Parker
Local Group surveys for planetary nebulae: L. Magrini
Surveys beyond the Local Group: O. Gerhard
Intracluster planetary nebulae: J. Feldmeier
Distances to planetary nebulae: A. Hajian
AGB stars: A. Zijlstra
Properties of post-AGB objects: P. Garcia-Lario
Spectroscopic properties of post-AGB stars: M. Parthasarathy
Nucleosynthesis: M. Busso
Binary central stars: O. De Marco
Central star evolution: F. Herwig
Central star atmospheres and winds: R.-P. Kudritzki
High-gravity central stars: Th. Rauch
Asteroseismology of white dwarfs, PN central stars and post-AGB stars: S. Kawaler
Planetary nebulae and their central stars in the X-ray and EUV regions: M. Guerrero
FUSE and HST spectroscopy of cool PN gas: H. Dinerstein
Submm- and mm-wave molecular properties of PNs and post-AGB objects: V. Bujarrabal
Infrared imaging of planetary nebulae, including Spitzer: J. Hora
Infrared spectroscopy of planetary nebulae, including Spitzer: J. Bernard-Salas
Atomic processes in planetary nebulae: M. Bautista
Optical recombination lines as probes of conditions in planetary nebulae: X.-W. Liu
Temperature fluctuations and planetary nebula abundances: M. Peimbert
Planetary nebulae as probes of galactic chemical evolution: R. Costa
Abundances in 1st and 2nd ascent giant stars: B. Gustafsson
Observed nebular macrostructures and microstructures: R. Corradi
Hydrodynamical interpretation of basic nebular structures: M. Steffen
Dynamical PN evolution with magnetic fields: G. Garcia-Segura
Advances in nebular photoionization modelling: B. Ercolano
Properties of Magellanic Cloud planetary nebulae: R. Shaw
Properties of planetary nebulae in other galaxies: M. Richer
Planetary Nebulae as mass tracers in galaxies: A. Romanowsky
Planetary nebulae as probes of stellar populations: R. Ciardullo

This list does not include around 20 contributed talks to be selected by the SOC from submitted poster abstracts.