IAU 234: Planetary Nebulae



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Scientific Sessions

IAU Symposium 234 will follow the usual structure of a 5-day meeting, with morning and afternoon sessions every day, except for a free Wednesday afternoon.

Oral Presentations

We expect to have at least 32 invited reviews. In addition, there will be 15-20 contributed talks, to be selected by the SOC from the poster abstracts that are received. In order to allow this selection to take place in a timely manner, the deadline for the receipt of abstracts has been set to January 31st 2006.

Invited speakers should also submit abstracts of their talks by this date, using the online registration form.

Projection facilities

Our policy on projection equipment is similar to that at AAS meetings:

An overhead projector, LCD Projector and Computer will be provided for every oral session. You may not use your own computer. PowerPoint or Adobe Acrobat are the required formats. Your PowerPoint presentation must be compatible with Office XP (2002) for the PC.

In PowerPoint, movie files are automatically linked to your presentation, rather than embedded inside it like pictures or drawings. When your presentation has linked files, you must copy the linked files as well as the presentation. QuickTime Movie Files (.mov) do not work as linked movies in the PC version or PowerPoint. Please convert them to MPEG (.mpg, .mpeg) or AVI (.avi) format if you wish to include them in you PowerPoint file. Otherwise, they will work if played separately using QuickTime Player.

Please email us your presentation or upload it to ftp:/ no later than March 28th, or burn it onto a labelled CD or USB memory stick and deliver it to us in person no later than 24 hours before your presentation.

If you are concerned about possible software incompatibilities, please send us your presentation files by March 28th and we will work with you to ensure a smooth delivery.

Poster Presentations

All participants are invited to present poster contributions.We will be able to display 200 posters for the full duration of the meeting. If we receive more than 200 poster requests, we plan to exhibit the first 200 posters from Monday until Thursday, and exhibit the late posters on Friday. Please register for the conference and submit your poster abstract early.

Poster presenters should submit abstracts of their talks using the online registration form.

BUT....participants who wish to submit a second poster presentation should send it by email to; they should not attempt to register a second time.

Discussion sessions

We plan to schedule several 20-minute general discussions along the meeting.

People with disabilities

For special accommodations in the conference room and other events, please send an email to For these kinds of preparations, advanced notice is necessary.