IAU 250:
Massive Stars as
Cosmic Engines


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Scientific Topics

New observational studies of massive stars (Spitzer, FUSE, GALEX, Chandra, XMM, VLT, Subaru, Gemini)

New theoretical atmospheric developments (clumping, porosity, magnetic fields)

Massive star evolution of single and binary stars, including rotation and magnetic fields, dependence on metallicity

Colliding wind effects in massive binaries, dust formation

Massive Star interactions with ISM; wind-blown bubbles, feedback and superwinds; the role of massive stars versus AGN

Core-collapse SN, Gamma Ray Bursts, and their host galaxies at high redshift

Massive Stellar populations in the Local Group and beyond, Super Star Clusters and Starbursts

Nucleosynthesis in massive stars and their role in the early chemical evolution of galaxies

Formation of Population III stars, re-ionization and early enrichment

Stellar populations in high redshift galaxies selected at optical, infrared and sub-mm wavelengths