iau symposium 250 Massive Stars as Cosmic Engines


  Massive Stars as
  Cosmic Engines
  Dec. 9-14, 2007



12.8.07 teramura

Guidlines: Submission of Proceedings Contributions

  • Deadline: 15 January 2008

    The proceedings will be published by the IAU publisher, Cambridge University Press, and edited by F. Bresolin, P.A. Crowther & J. Puls.

  • Limits are 12 pages for invited review talks and 6 pages for contributed talks, to be submitted no later than 15 January 2008. Style files and instructions for authors can be found at:

    Poster competition winners from each scientific session will also be eligible for a 6 page limit - otherwise poster titles and brief abstracts submitted via the meeting registration page in advance of 15 Nov 2007 will be included in the proceedings. The IAU copyright forms found in the registration packets need to be completed and passed onto LOC staff at the moment of registration.

  • Strict deadlines will be enforced since the contract with CUP stipulates that proceedings are published within 6 months of the symposium. CUP needs three months for the production process, leaving one month for authors and the following two months for editors to complete their tasks
  • Uploading files
    Create a gzipped tarfile containing your text and figures. Name it: yourlastname.tar.gz.
    Upload the file to the following anonymous ftp server:
    ftp.ifa.hawaii.edu in the directory: /pub/bresolin/ezzelino/incoming/IAU250/

    (listing is currently disabled for this directory, therefore you will not be able to see the files contained in it, including the file you submitted).

    The editors can be contacted via e-mail: